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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive


28/09/97MINELRES moderator List matters
26/09/97MINELRES moderator The Institute of War & Peace Reporting: latest publications
25/09/97Magda Opalski Regional Scholar Exchange Program Announcement
24/09/97Elizabeth A. Cole March 1998 conference in Krakow, Poland
23/09/97MINELRES moderator Integration and naturalization study in Latvia
22/09/97Panayote Elias Dimitras On the Gostivar (Macedonia) trial
20/09/97Vello Pettai Estonia: UNDP report on integration
19/09/97Panayote Elias Dimitras Positive and Negative Stereotypes in the Balkan Media: July 1997
18/09/97MINELRES moderator Latvian Laws in English - complete collection
17/09/97Vello Pettai Russian-language education extended in Estonia
16/09/97Irina Selicere Fwd: human rights education seminar in Kharkov
15/09/97MINELRES moderator "Mare Balticum" - No.3, August 1997
13/09/97Alex Shevelev Publication on Roma
12/09/97Donna Schaubby Fwd: Reminder -- ISTR Abstracts Due!!
11/09/97MINELRES moderator EEPS - latest issue
10/09/97Alexander Sungurov October Symposium in St.Petersburg
9/09/97Natalia Ablova Seminar in Osh
8/09/97MINELRES moderator ECEP Bulletin
6/09/97Arnis Shinka FW: Global Internet Liberty Campaign
5/09/97MINELRES moderator Transitions - latest issue
3/09/97MINELRES moderator Journal on Minority and Group Rights - Special Issue on Minority Education
2/09/97MINELRES moderator Re: Conference on Jews in a Changing World
1/09/97Panayote Elias Dimitras Trial of Albanian mayor in Gostivar