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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

September 1998

30/09/98Lucian Branea Re: Minority Advisory and Decision-Making Bodies2k
29/09/98Frank Steketee Re: Minority Advisory and Decision-Making Bodies2k
29/09/98Greek Helsinki Monitor Greece: Macedonian TV crew denied visas4k
29/09/98Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol II, No. 386k
28/09/98Fernand de Varennes Minority Advisory and Decision-Making Bodies3k
28/09/98Alexander Ossipov Some remarks about Meskhetians5k
27/09/98CIPDD Georgian digest: excerpts8k
26/09/98Greek Helsinki Monitor Introducing The Balkan Human Rights Web Pages3k
26/09/98Alexei Avtonomov Fwd: Electronic petition to prevent genocide in Africa9k
25/09/98Farimah Daftary ECMI Recommendations on Inter-Ethnic Relations in3k
25/09/98Felix Corley RFE/RL on Meskhetians and Georgia7k
24/09/98CIPDD Georgian digest: excerpts6k
24/09/98Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings11k
23/09/98HR Center of Azerbaijan Fwd: TURKISTAN-N electronic newsletter3k
23/09/98Felix Corley Ingushetia and North Ossetia4k
22/09/98Greek Helsinki Monitor Kosovo: New Statements and Reports3k
22/09/98Carina Aaltonen Minority Days on ĺland, Finland5k
22/09/98Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol. II, No. 376k
21/09/98Alexander Ossipov Report on xenophobia and criminalization in Russia11k
21/09/98CIPDD Georgian Press Digest: excerpts3k
21/09/98Greek Helsinki Monitor Albania: On Religious Freedom5k
20/09/98HR Center of Azerbaijan E-mail Directory of Azerbaijani media4k
19/09/98Magda Opalski Fwd: New Civil Society Website2k
19/09/98Felix Corley Slovakia signs Transfrontier Co-operation Convention3k
18/09/98David Canek Re: Recent Romnews postings4k
18/09/98John Petersen Peoplesite: a meeting-point of minority-related NGOs2k
17/09/98Dominique Arel Announcement: ASN convention 19997k
17/09/98Jacques Leclerc CIRAL web site on linguistic policy in the world1k
17/09/98CIPDD Meskhetians' picket in Tbilisi2k
16/09/98Greek Helsinki Monitor Turkey: On Armenian Church7k
16/09/98Felix Corley Endangered Uralic minority cultures9k
16/09/98Anna Matveeva Re: Call for information on conflict and ethnicity in Russia2k
15/09/98Roma National Congress RNN Homepage support: How to use the Chat3k
15/09/98CIPDD Georgian digest: excerpts2k
15/09/98Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol II, No. 365k
14/09/98HR Center of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan's government prepares to report on tortures2k
14/09/98Greek Helsinki Monitor Greece: On the forthcoming Macedonian party trial8k
14/09/98Felix Corley Romania resuscitates polemics with Ukraine3k
10/09/98MINELRES moderator List matters1k
10/09/98MINELRES moderator New Latvian language law to be adopted on the eve of elections4k
10/09/98Felix Corley Fwd: Oil Development In Proposed Khanty Biosphere Reserve4k
10/09/98William McKinney Re: Suggestion on Kosovo/a2k
10/09/98Cathy Gormley Call for information on conflict and ethnicity in Russia2k
9/09/98Francesco Strazzari Suggestion on Kosovo/a2k
9/09/98Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol II, No. 356k
9/09/98 Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings12k
8/09/98Alexander Ossipov Report on refugees, forced migrants, and propiska in Russia12k
8/09/98CIPDD Georgian digest - excerpts8k
8/09/98Greek Helsinki Monitor Kosovo and Yugoslavia: New HR NGOs' statements7k
7/09/98RNN Newsletter Romania: Roma ethnicity record in police files10k
7/09/98Carmen Thiele MOST: East European Human Rights Project10k
1/09/98MINELRES moderator List matters2k
1/09/98Aleksei Semjonov MPs' appeal on citizenship in Estonia14k
1/09/98Eldar Zeynalov MinJust will strengthen the human rights in Azerbaijan2k
1/09/98Lajos Tamás 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights2k