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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive


31/10/97Canadian Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy Fwd: CCPPP Newsletter Issue No. 9 (excerpts)12k
30/10/97Ivan Jaworsky 1996 CIS Migration Report, IOM (fwd)2k
27/10/97Mariana Lenkova Stereotypes in The Balkan Media - August 19972k
25/10/97John Hudges New Internet Site2k
24/10/97Forced Migration Projects FM Alert, No. 515k
24/10/97Dominique Arel Announcement for 98 ASN conference4k
23/10/97Claude Cahn ERRC Press Release9k
22/10/97MINELRES moderator Transitions - the next issue3k
20/10/97MINELRES moderator The ERRC programs 10k
20/10/97Forced Migration Projects FM Alert No. 506k
19/10/97Ivan Jaworsky JOB OPP.- Human Rights Research on Central Asia, Human Rights Watch (fwd)4k
18/10/97Panayote Dimitras, Mariana Lenkova "Unequal Rights" for Albanians in the Southern Balkans12k
17/10/97UNITED for Intercultural Action International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism5k
16/10/97MINELRES moderator Access to Bulgarian NGOs?1k
16/10/97International Alert Programme Manager - Former Soviet Union5k
15/10/97Christian Wellmann Russian language Fact-Finding reports4k
15/10/97MINELRES moderator New materials in MINELRES database 6k
14/10/97Eldar Zeynalov Re: INFO LEAFLET ON DEFINITIONS1k
13/10/97Natalia Ablova Re: INFO LEAFLET ON DEFINITIONS1k
13/10/97Minority Rights Group - Greece Responses to the appeal for action on the 14/10 Macedonian minority trial in Greece25k
9/10/97MINELRES moderator OSCE ODIHR Bulletin - latest and the last issue...3k
7/10/97UNITED for Intercultural Action INFO LEAFLET ON DEFINITIONS19k
6/10/97Magda Opalski GRANT OPP.- European Commission Conference Support to NIS2k
6/10/97Natalia Ablova Harassments against Journalists in Kyrgyzstan5k
2/10/97Magda Opalski Introducing the Peoples' Library (fwd)5k
1/10/97Aleksei Semjonov Re: Russian-language education extended in Estonia4k