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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

October 2000

31/10/2000RomNews Network OSCE Conference on Roma and migration, Warsaw 22-24 October7k
31/10/2000Felix Corley Hungary: Dismissal of Office for National Minorities president1k
31/10/2000Institute for War & Peace Reporting IWPR's Caucasus Reporting Service, No. 55: excerpts19k
30/10/2000Greek Helsinki Monitor Fwd: AIM: Minorities Resurface in Slovenian Elections14k
30/10/2000Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Glasnost-Caucasus: Buddhists Refused Registration in Krasnodar3k
29/10/2000MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists10k
28/10/2000RomNews Network RNN: News, Links, Funds, Open Letters, Special, and more7k
28/10/2000Felix Corley Russia: Call for Support for Yuri Vella Aivaseda6k
28/10/2000European Roma Rights Center Roma Rights 3/2000 - Rights of the Child5k
27/10/2000Greek Helsinki Monitor Fwd: GHM: Statement at the OSCE on Unrecognized Minorities9k
27/10/2000Felix Corley Poland: Conference on national minorities problems3k
27/10/2000RFE/RL RFE/RL Russian Federation Report: excerpts5k
26/10/2000Diane Masson CfP: Nationality and Citizenship in Post-Communist Europe6k
26/10/2000Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Submit Info for CIS Conflict Management Database3k
25/10/2000Greek Helsinki Monitor Fwd: GHM/MRG-G: Statement at the OSCE on Freedom of Association of Macedonian Minorities6k
25/10/2000Nicola Markes-Goerlach AC FCNM visits Croatia3k
24/10/2000Maria Kovacs NATMINET: UDMR proposes amendments to Romanian Constitution3k
24/10/2000MINELRES moderator Fwd: CFP: From Violence to Politics: conference of the Ethnic Studies Network7k
23/10/2000European Roma Rights Center ERRC: Position Announcement - Program Director4k
23/10/2000MINELRES moderator Re: Albanian HC: Unwanted incident during electoral campaign25k
22/10/2000MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists13k
22/10/2000European Roma Rights Center ERRC Position Paper on Protecting Romani Refugees3k
22/10/2000Ulrich Schneckener New publication: Making Power-sharing Work: Lessons from successes and failures in ethnic conflict regulation2k
20/10/2000MINELRES moderator New publication: Ethnic Democracy and Estonia3k
20/10/2000Marat Khassanov Human Rights in Kazakhstan, issue 16 (excerpts)4k
19/10/2000CIPDD Human Rights in Georgia, September 2000 (excerpts)17k
19/10/2000Felix Corley Ukraine, Uzbekistan conclude deal to help resettle Crimean Tartars3k
18/10/2000Sarolta Szabo CEU/Summer University - Budapest 200118k
18/10/2000William McKinney Internet presentation Minorities in Europe2k
17/10/2000International Helsinki Federation Albanian HC: Unwanted incident during electoral campaign4k
17/10/2000Israel Foreign Ministry Fwd: Anti-Semitic Incidents throughout the World2k
16/10/2000Institute for War & Peace Reporting IWPR's Caucasus Reporting Service, No. 53: excerpts11k
16/10/2000Arnold Stepanian National Minority Festival in Georgia, 15-25 October 20004k
15/10/2000MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists11k
14/10/2000MINELRES moderator PER Report: Toward Community Policing: The Police and Ethnic Minorities in Hungary6k
14/10/2000Andrei Arjupin "Illegal foreigners" in Estonia11k
13/10/2000Nadezda Smeritsevskaja Adopted orphan refused Estonian citizenship2k
13/10/2000Maria Kovacs NATMINET: Round the country caravan trip of the Roma in Romania2k
12/10/2000Lubomyr Luciuk New book in Refugee Studies6k
12/10/2000UNITED Fwd: E-NEWS: InterConference pages online3k
11/10/2000Gregg Zachary Estonia & language politics9k
11/10/2000Onnik Krikorian Re: Newspaper of Yezids in Armenia2k
10/10/2000International Helsinki Federation Macedonians of Bulgaria in Uncertainty9k
10/10/2000Eldar Zeynalov Newspaper of Yezids in Armenia2k
9/10/2000Stefan Wolff Inquiry: Ethnicity/Ethnic Profiling and Criminal Law in FSU2k
9/10/2000RomNews Network RNN: Information untill the 4th of October 20007k
8/10/2000MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists10k
8/10/2000Maria Kovacs NATMINET: The Roma Associations Working Group General Policy Recommendation5k
6/10/2000Petra Kovacs Fwd: request for info: Armenian minority rights in Turkey2k
6/10/2000Marten van Harten Fwd: Last moment opportunity: Baku Assembly6k
6/10/2000Marat Khassanov Human Rights in Kazakhstan, issue 15 (content)1k
5/10/2000Felix Corley Bulgaria's TV starts Turkish-language programmes2k
5/10/2000Maria Kovacs NATMINET: Training the Roma to participate in elections2k
4/10/2000Balkan Human Rights list Fwd: HLC: TV Novi Sad security ejects journalists of minority programs2k
4/10/2000Eldar Zeynalov Russian Language in Ukraine 5k
3/10/2000Nadir Kamaladdinov RCNM: News from Azerbaijan4k
3/10/2000Jacqueline Kacprzak A meeting for NGOs from Eastern and Central Europe11k
2/10/2000Petra Kovacs Fwd: MMCP Training Workshop on Democratic Governance in Multiethnic Communities7k
2/10/2000Aleksejs Dimitrovs Minority issues in Latvia, No.217k
1/10/2000MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists12k
1/10/2000Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Glasnost-North Caucasus 29-30/09/2000: excerpts6k