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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

November 1998

30/11/98Igor Savin Initiative of Central Asian bureau of EAWARN2k
30/11/98Felix Corley Lezgin movement holds congress in Southern Dagestan3k
29/11/98CIPDD Georgian digest and news from the Caucasus11k
28/11/98Greek Helsinki Monitor Balkans: Survey of Human Rights Problems11k
28/11/98Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol II, No. 476k
26/11/98Fevzi Alimoglu CRIMEA-L: A Discussion List on Crimea and Crimean Tatars2k
25/11/98Felix Corley Estonia releases population statistics3k
25/11/98Christian Wellmann Bibliography on 'Russians' in the NIS - Preventive Diplomacy6k
24/11/98Steve Olweean Conference on Conflict Resolution in St. Petersburg6k
24/11/98Britt Elliott Fwd: Romanian / Moldovan human rights related law 2k
23/11/98HR Center of Azerbaijan Fwd: Conference on Media and Conflict in the Transcaucasus6k
23/11/98Tanya Smith Job opening - UN Human Rights Office9k
22/11/98Felix Corley Is Mass Repatriation of Adygeis Feasible?15k
21/11/98Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol II, No. 466k
21/11/98ERRC information service UN Committee on Roma in Hungary5k
20/11/98Felix Corley Bulgarian minister apologizes to Turks2k
20/11/98HR Center of Azerbaijan Fwd: Starr Fellowships4k
19/11/98CIPDD Georgian digest: excerpts3k
19/11/98Felix Corley Russia Needs Effective Nationalities Policy in Caucasus4k
18/11/98Eldar Zeynalov New Caucasian Mail1k
18/11/98Natalie Belitser Re: Does UNHCR support ethnic cleansings?3k
18/11/98Ina Zoon Comparative Law study on Security of Residence of Migrants3k
17/11/98ERRC information service OSI RPP/NWP Joint Internship4k
17/11/98William McKinney Re: Inquiry on Chechnya websites2k
17/11/98Sabirzyan Badretdinov Re: Inquiry on Chechnya websites1k
16/11/98Felix Corley Where Russians Are Hurting, Racism Takes Root9k
16/11/98Farimah Daftary Re: Inquiry on Chechnya websites2k
15/11/98Vyacheslav Kovalev Inquiry on Chechnya websites1k
15/11/98Telman Yolchiyev Fwd: The 1999 Edmund S. Muskie/Freedom Support Act Graduate Fellowship Program8k
14/11/98Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol II, No. 455k
14/11/98Zaliha Tahirova Fwd: McArthur grants2k
13/11/98Felix Corley Language issues in Belarus3k
13/11/98Ina Zoon Conference on racism in Vienna2k
12/11/98Felix Corley Russia's patriarch condemns communist's anti-Semitic5k
12/11/98Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings9k
11/11/98CIPDD Georgian digest: excerpts3k
11/11/98HR Center of Azerbaijan Fwd: Support a worldwide day of peace3k
10/11/98Alexander Ossipov Does UNHCR support ethnic cleansings?7k
10/11/98Greek Helsinki Monitor "Celebrating" 50 Years of the Human Rights Declaration15k
9/11/98Felix Corley East European Constitutional Review4k
9/11/98Felix Corley At World Crossroads in Central Asia, Identity Is Submerged6k
8/11/98CIPDD Georgian Digest: excerpts4k
8/11/98John Young Re: ERRC Calls for Investigation of Police Assault on Roma settlement in Slovakia2k
7/11/98Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol II, No. 446k
6/11/98Human Rights Project Roma in Bulgaria: HRP statement to the OSCE meeting9k
6/11/98Tatjana Peric ERRC Calls for Investigation of Police Assault on Roma settlement in Slovakia4k
6/11/98Mikhail Charaev Mistake!!! (Re: NGO Working Group on Conflict Management meeting)2k
5/11/98Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings4k
5/11/98Andre Kamenshikov NGO Working Group on Conflict Management meeting8k
4/11/98Zsolt Mato Polish University in Vilnius?1k
4/11/98Panayote Dimitras IHF report on minority human rights in OSCE states 7k
4/11/98Martin Melaugh CAIN (Conflict Archive on the INternet) web site2k
3/11/98Burkhard Luber New TPN Issue October 1998 (excerpts)6k
3/11/98Felix Corley Mustafa Dzhemilev on Crimean Tatar resettlement9k
2/11/98CIPDD Georgian digest: excerpts3k
2/11/98Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol II, Nos.42, 439k
1/11/98Queen's Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity: Issue 1113k