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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive


28/11/97Eldar Zeynalov HRCA Web site2k
27/11/97Britt Elliott HRI Internet Directory Now Online2k
26/11/97Lukas H. Meyer ECPR Workshop2k
25/11/97MINELRES moderator List of the OSCE publications3k
24/11/97Andre Liebich Re: New book on minorities in Central/Eastern Europe2k
22/11/97MINELRES moderator New book on minorities in Central/Eastern Europe 2k
21/11/97MINELRES moderator OSCE Newsletter - latest issue2k
20/11/97 Magda Opalski Fwd: Educational Advising for NIS Students2k
19/11/97Claude Cahn ERRC Letter to the Chief Administrative Judge of Berlin4k
18/11/97 Petia Mankova Fwd: A Field-course with a Muslim coommunity in the Balkans5k
17/11/97 Magda Opalski Fwd: Internship in DC: US-Ukraine Foundation4k
15/11/97Latvian Human Rights Committee LHRC Communication to the UN10k
14/11/97Britt Elliott FWD: Religious leader training program at Columbia U3k
13/11/97MINELRES moderator Re: question about legislation on minorites (some Internet resources)3k
13/11/97Ina Zoon Re: Question about legislation on minorities2k
12/11/97Kinga Gal Question about legislation on minorities1k
11/11/97Panayote Elias Dimitras Respect for and Desecration of Flags in the Southern Balkans12k
9/11/97Magda Opalski Fwd: New book on NGOs in Moldova2k
8/11/97Claude Cahn ERRC letters to authorities of Yugoslavia, Slovenia and Hungary11k
7/11/97Judy Young Re question on Canadian centre on nationalism9k
7/11/97Lucie Horakova Re: Czech citizenship law3k
6/11/97Magda Opalski Fwd: Grants for NIS scholars4k
5/11/97David Canek Re: Citizenship laws of Germany and Czech republic?2k
4/11/97Panayote Elias Dimitras Macedonian minority trial observation report11k
3/11/97Ina Zoon Re: Czech citizenship law 4k
2/11/97Britt Elliott Citizenship laws of Germany and Czech Republic?3k
1/11/97MINELRES moderator List/website matters2k
1/11/97Claude Cahn ERRC Website moved1k
1/11/97ERCOMER Webmaster ERCOMER NEWS3k