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Fwd: Workshop: Nordic Baltic Roma

ORIGINAL SENDER:   Josif Tychina <jtychina@yahoo.com>
Workshop:   Nordic Baltic Roma
Interaction [NorBaRI]
"Gypsy Fire" Lithuania
Mr. Josif Tychina - President
Esiskas 95
Vilnius 2038
Phone:   + 370-2-250750
E-mail:   <jtychina@yahoo.com>
General description:
We the representatives of Roma/ Gypsy communities in Baltic states are
highly encouraged by the Nordic achievements of Roma integration. We
believe that it can be model for Baltic states that are highly engage
with European integration and their strategic partnership has been
developed with Scandinavian and Nordic countries to achieve this noble
The public Institution Gypsy Fire is a registered organization and
engage with community Development program for Gypsy community in
Lithuanian Republic.
The public Institution "Gypsy Fire" is intended to organize an
international four days workshop "Nordic Baltic Roma Interactions" and
it is abbreviated with NorBaRI. It is planned to organize it by this
summer in August 2002.
The workshop shall be capable with introducing Nordic know-how on Roma
integration and community Development, its relevance with Baltic
states, Baltic Roams community Development according to the Nordic
Model, working visit of Roma/ Gypsy slums areas in Vilnius and Vilnius
region and a roundtable on Roma in CIS countries particularly in
Kaliningrad and Northern Russia.
Here we are pleased to present an introduction of workshop. We are
seeking your kindness a moral and material support to comply with
innersole of the project. It will be consider a great encouragement
and recognition that defiantly will help us in the most crucial stages
of project.
We also request to establish Nordic Baltic Ethnic Minorities
coordination Office empowered with inspecting such projects which are
concerned with ethnic minorities community development.
We agree to submit any further information if required.
Sincerely Yours
President Josif Tychina
Organization: "Cigonu Lauzas" The Public
Istitution of Gipsies of Lithuania.
Workshop:   Nordic Baltic Roma
A Four Day international workshop is being proposed by the Board of
Gypsy Fire to be held in Vilnius in August 2002. It will mainly
cosenterate upon to introducing Nordic Model, Baltic Roma life and
Nordic Baltic Interactions together with a roundtable on Roma in CIS
countries particularly in Russian Kaliningrad and Northern Russia.
Subjects of the workshop Nordic Model:
1.    Promoting schooling for Roma children
2.    Women and children health
3.    Anti narcotics campaign among Roma youth
4.    Career Training Program for Roma youth, technical labor, public
utilities profession, agriculture labor, computer literacy,
construction labor, automobile and home appliances repairing, women
profession, public utilities jobs etc.
5.    Establishing small and medium enterprises of Roma
6.    Adult Education of Roma.
7.    Promoting employment for Roma in various state, public and
private institutions, organizations and companies.
8.    Promoting traditional Roma's cottage industry, dresses and
restaurant serving Roma's food.
9.    Promoting awareness about Lithuanian legal and constitutional
structures, importance of law in society, human rights and civil
society, Baltic and European integration,
10.  Promoting cultural awareness, Media, publication, Roma Language,
11.  Organizing cultural activities, tourism, summer schooling, summer
camping, seminars, conferences, workshops
The 1st Day:    Introducing Nordic Model by Nordic Representatives

2nd Day:         Baltic Roam/ Gypsy issue presented by community
representatives and official of Baltic countries

3rd Day:          Working Visit Roam/ Gypsies housings areas in
Vilnius and Vilnius region

4th Day:          Interaction among Nordic Model and Baltic Roma
Development planning - Roundtable on CIS Roma - Gypsies
The project shall be implemented with the assistance of various
governmental, intergovernmental, non - governmental organizations of
Nordic, local agencies and internal resources of community itself.

- Nordic Policy planners, think tanks, Governmental, consultant,
non-governmental, small business development, housing, cultural and
educational organizations engaged with Roma/ Gypsy community
development in Nordic countries

- Representatives of Baltic/ CIS governmental, non governmental, small
business development, housing, cultural educational and other

- Parliamentarian and local governmental representatives

- Jurists, lawyers, human rights activists, academicians,
psychologist, medical practicing, mass media, religious organizations,
cultural development agencies

- Representatives of Chambers of Commerce and Industries, small and
medium enterprises development agencies, financial and other
commercial entities, human resources and employment organization

- International, inter - governmental and diplomatic representatives

- Representatives of Roma/ Gypsy organizations
Preferably, a partner from:
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia,
Sweden, Ukraine.
If you would like to contact "Gypsy Fire" organization in Lithuania,
please, write to Mr. Josif Tychina at <jtychina@yahoo.com> or call by
phone to + 370-2-250750

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