A third view comparing Greek and Hungarian laws on ethnic Greeks and Hungarians abroad

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Subject: A third view comparing Greek and Hungarian laws on ethnic Greeks and Hungarians abroad

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A third view comparing Greek and Hungarian laws on ethnic
Greeks and Hungarians abroad

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29 August 2001
Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) would like to make the following comment
on the two PACE motions for resolution on the Hungarian status law
distributed by MINELRES today and requests from the MINELRES moderator
that it be distributed also to all PACE members concerned as well.
Greece has had for years many laws and regulations that give different
rights to citizens of other countries depending on whether they are of
Greek or non-Greek origin. For example, the law on the recent (2001)
regularization of undocumented migrants did not concern those (mostly
but not only from Albania or CIS countries) that are of Greek origin
whose regularization under much more favorable conditions (as
"homogeneis") was introduced in the past with a different law.
Likewise, the acquisition of citizenship procedure is different for
each of the two groups, just as obtaining an entry visa at Greek
consulates in the countries of origin. And many more such examples can
be cited.
How does that differ from the Hungarian status law? Those opposing the
latter should at the same time address the Greek situation (and
perhaps other similar ones), and adopt a consistent attitude.
GHM notes with interest the absence of Greek PACE members from either
list of signatures.
Panayote Dimitras
Spokesperson GHM
GHM Board: Panayote Dimitras, Orestis Georgiadis, Dimitrina Petrova,
Alan Phillips, Gregory Vallianatos.
International Advisory Committee: Savvas Agouridis, Teuta Arifi, Ivo
Banac, Vladimir Bilandzic, Marcel Courthiade, Loring Danforth, Fernand
de Varennes, Victor-Yves Ghebali, Henri Giordan, Krassimir Kanev, Will
Kymlicka, Theodore S. Orlin, Magda Opalski, Dimitrina Petrova, Alan
Phillips, Aaron Rhodes, Vladimir Solonari, Patrick Thornberry, Stefan
Troebst, Boris Tsilevich, Tibor Varady, Marc Weller.
Affiliation to International Organizations: Consortium of Minority
Resources (COMIR), Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN),
European Roma Rights Center (ERRC), International Freedom of
Expression Exchange (IFEX), International Helsinki Federation for
Human Rights (IHF), Minority Rights Group International (MRGI),
OneWorld.Net, South East Europe Media Organization (SEEMO).

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