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Subject: New on MINELRES website

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New on MINELRES website

Dear list members, 

Please find the list of recent additions to the MINELRES site. 



- UN Working Group on Minorities

- UN Working Group on Minorities: 7th session, Geneva, 14-18 May 2001
(CEDIME-SE website)

- Database on minorities. Feasibility study. UN Sub-Commission on
Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, Working
Group on Minorities. Fifth session, 25 - 31 May 1999

Bibliographies, collections of links:

- Bibliography on Ethnic Relations in Eastern Europe, edited by Margit
Feischmidt, 2001 

- Elandnet: the information highway to unrepresented nations,
indigenous peoples and national minorities worldwide

- Open Directory Project: Ethnic Studies

- A Conflict Resolution Page by Dimo Yagcioglu: Links to web-sites
related to Ethnic Studies and Minority-Majority Relations

- Europe Working Group Forum: Migrations and multicultural citizenship

- multidisciplinary international web-journal
dedicated to issues of tradition, cultural boundaries and identity
formation in Central Europe

- Endangered-Languages-L Forum

- Socioling›Őstica (Catalan)

- The Global Review of Ethnopolitics

- Self-Determination In Focus, a project of Foreign Policy In Focus
(FPIF), aims to provide comprehensive analysis of self-determination
issues around the world

- Slovo: An inter-disciplinary journal of Russian, Eurasian and East
European  affairs published by postgraduates of the School of Slavonic
and East European Studies, University College London


- Diversity in Action: Local Public Management of Multi-Ethnic
Communities. Edited by Anna-Maria Biro and Petra Kovacs. OSI LGI, 2001

- Materials of the conference Voice or Exit: Comparative Perspectives
on Ethnic Minorities in 20th Century Europe. June 14 - 16, 2001,
Humboldt University Berlin


- International Romani Union

- Romani World

- Roma in Israel

Country sources

- Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

- Report: Ukraine and the Ethnic and National Minorities, by J. v.
Koml—ssy, FUEN Vice President, 2001

- Transcarpathia: Website on the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia

- Transcarpathian Roma Cultural-educational Society "Romani Yag"

- Legal acts of Ukraine (Ukrainian, Russian, English)

- Youth Helsinki Citizens' Assembly of Moldova

- Independent Journalism Center, Moldova

- OMO "ILINDEN" PIRIN (United Macedonian Organization "ILINDEN" in

- Macedonian NGO online network

- Albanians in Macedonia Crisis Center

- back issues of the newsletter "Minority issues in Latvia", by
Latvian Human Rights Committee (F.I.D.H.)

- Human Rights in Latvia, January 1, 2001 - June 30, 2001, by Latvian
Centre for Human Rights and Ethnic Studies

- Human Rights in Latvia in 2000, by Latvian Centre for Human Rights
and Ethnic Studies 

- EQUAL=LV: Project on human rights and minorities in Latvia (in

- Laws of Latvia (in Latvian, partly in English)

- UN Committee on the Rights of the Child: Press-Releases on the
Latvian report, January 2001

- PACE Resolution 1236 (2001). Honouring of obligations and
commitments by Latvia. 23 January 2001

- PACE Recommendation 1490 (2001). Honouring of obligations and
commitments by Latvia. 23 January 2001

- Honouring of obligations and commitments by Latvia. Report. PACE
Committee on the Honouring of Obligations and Commitments by Member
States of the Council of Europe (Monitoring Committee). Doc. 8924, 10
January 2001.
Co-rapporteurs: Mr Terry Davis and Mr Gunnar Jansson

- Materials on the integration of society in Latvia

- Website of the National Programme of Latvian Language Training

- Sorosa Fonds - Latvia

- web site: a clearing house that will include a wide  range
of information and resources about the Roma minority in Romania

- Slovak Helsinki Committee

- Slovenian Human Rights Ombudsman

- Human Rights Online - Georgia

- "PEACE - A" Youth Public Organization (Armenia)


- Information Centre of Finno-Ugric Peoples (Russia), in Russian

- Uyghur American Association

- Network of NGOs in Russia againts racism (in Russian)

- Caucasus Forum: Network of Non-Governmental Organizations of
Northern and Southern Caucasus

- Project on Ethnic Relations (new URL)

- Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law

- Eurolang

- European Network Against Racism

- The Right To Education Project at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute  

- FEWER: Forum on Early Warning and Early Response

- Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict Management (new

- German Association for Peace and Conflict Research

- PRIF - Peace Research Institute - Frankfurt

- Heidelberg Institute of International Conflict Research - HIIK

- Clingendael 'Conflict Research Unit'(CRU)

- Peace Research Information Unit Bonn

- The International Association for Conflict Management

- Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research at the ETH Zurich

- Forced Migration Portal Project, Refugee Studies Programme,
University of Oxford 

- Academy for Migration Studies in Denmark

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