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Subject: Fwd: UNHCR refugee children good practice study

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Fwd: UNHCR refugee children good practice study

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Dear Colleague,

I am contacting you for information on good practices in refugee
children's programming. I'd like to apologise at the outset for this
rather impersonal email but it seems the best way to get feedback from
as many people as possible.

I am conducting a study on good practices in refugee children's
programming on behalf of UNHCR for the purposes of producing a
practical guide for field staff. The aim is to share knowledge and
experience of successful initiatives and lessons learned in order to
help staff working with refugee children on the ground. The guide will
be divided up into different subject areas. Each subject will then
contain examples of good projects or initiatives described in 2-3
pages covering background; objectives; activities; outcomes; aspects
of good practices; lessons learned; problems and how overcome; future
plans; factors facilitating or impeding replication; links to
available documentation etc.

At this stage I would be very grateful for your feedback on the

1. Suggestions of good practice examples of projects, strategies,
situations involving refugee children (or which could be applied to
refugee children on a wide range of issues. Please send ideas with any
ready materials you have at hand (e.g. project descriptions,
evaluation and assessment reports etc.) and some brief comments on why
the project is being proposed. I am initially compiling a list of
suggestions and will then revert for more detailed information on
particular ideas.

2. Names of contacts in international, national or local organisations
who may have suggestions or more information.

3. Any frequently asked questions which should be addressed in such a
guide as I can then seek out responses to those particular points.

Thanks very much for your feedback on this. My contact details are as
Asmita Naik
Tel. in Geneva +41 22 739 8549. Fax: + 41 22 739 7371. Postal address:
can be sent if needed.
Email: naik@unhcr.ch

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.
In addition, if you prefer to talk on the phone rather than reply by
email, I can call if you send me your phone number and times of

Best regards,
Ms. Asmita Naik,
Refugee Children Coordination Unit,
UNHCR Geneva

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