Payment Available for Roma Victims of the Holocaust

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Subject: Payment Available for Roma Victims of the Holocaust

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Payment Available for Roma Victims of the Holocaust

The European Roma Rights Center, a Budapest-based organization that
monitors the human rights situation of the Roma, is urging Roma and
human rights organizations to publicize the possibility of financial
compensation to Roma who suffered during the Holocaust and, in some
cases, to their heirs.  Damages are available from the German
government as well as from Swiss banks.  In the Swiss Banks case, two
different categories of compensation are still available: refugee
compensation and slave labor compensation.  The German government has
offered monetary compensation to those who served in forced
labor/concentration camps and in some cases their heirs.
Refugee compensation is available to individuals who can prove that
while seeking to avoid Nazi persecution they were denied entry into or
expelled from Switzerland.  Certain heirs of refugees who died after
February 15, 1999 are also eligible.  Claims, which prove eligibility
are due by September 30, 2001.
Slave labor compensation is available to those who can demonstrate
that they performed slave labor anywhere for a Swiss-run company
appearing on a list issued by the Court.  Certain heirs of former
slave laborers who died after February 15, 1999 are also eligible. 
Claims must be submitted by September 30, 2001.
German government compensation may be awarded to those who performed
labor while detained in a concentration camp, concentration-camp like
facility or labor camp during the Nazi era.  The heirs of those
laborers who died after February 15, 1999 are also eligible to file,
as are those who suffered during the Nazi era as children in a home
for children or forced laborers or incurred damage through medical
experimentation or other non-labor-related personal injuries. 
Deadline to file is December 31, 2001.
For more information concerning the Swiss Bank settlement, Roma in
Hungary can call 06-80-620-002 or go to or For more information on the German government
settlement, Roma in Hungary may contact the International Organization
for Migration in Budapest at (36)-1-269-0324 between 10AM and 2PM or
go to their web site at
The ERRC has been asked to distribute this information but is not
otherwise involved in Holocaust compensation issues.
The European Roma Rights Center is an international public interest
law organisation which monitors the rights of Roma and provides legal
defence in cases of human rights abuse. For more information about the
European Roma Rights Center, visit the ERRC on the web at

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