New book on Minorities and Migration in Eastern Europe

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Subject: New book on Minorities and Migration in Eastern Europe

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New book on Minorities and Migration in Eastern Europe

Managing Diversity in Plural Societies: Minorities, Migration and
Nation-Building in Post-Communist Europe
Edited by Magda Opalski
Forum Eastern Europe
374 pp., with index
ABSTRACT: This book is a collection of essays on minority rights and
migration issues that have arisen since the collapse of communism in
Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. The first set of essays is
devoted to minority issues in newly emerging states, and relationship
of ethnopolitics to the nation-building process. The next section
looks at the effects of migration policies and processes on political
stability in post-communist countries.  The contributors to this
volume provide case studies from Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia,
Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Slovakia, and the Former Yugoslavia.
A secondary goal of the book is to examine whether Canadian and other
models of ethnic pluralism can inform the minority rights debates in
other parts of the world. To this end, two essays - one by Steven Lee,
another by Will Kymlicka - look at how recent work by Canadian and
other "Western" political theorists may or may not apply to the
specific cases discussed by the contributors.
The book is in English, with summaries in Russian.
For a copies, contact: Forum Eastern Europe, 88 Bowhill Avenue,
Nepean, Ontario K2E 6S7, Canada.
E-mail: or .
Part I: Introduction:
Federalism and Nation-Building:  Is the Canadian Experience Relevant
for Eastern Europe? by Steven Lee.
Part II: Ethnopolitics and Nation-Building
A. Emerging Ethnic Democracy in Estonia and Latvia, by Vello Pettai
B. The Problem of Citizenship in Latvia, by Aina Antane and Boris
C. Language in a Multicultural Community:  The Case Of Daugavpils, by
Miroslav Mitrofanov
D. The Cossack Revival: Rebuilding an Identity in the New Russia, by
Magda Opalski
E. Nationalities Policy and Potential for Inter-Ethnic Conflict in
Ukraine, by John Jaworsky
F. The Gagauz in Moldova and Their Road to Autonomy, by Paula Thompson
G. The Hungarian Minority in Slovakia:  Conflict over Autonomy, by
Silvia Mihailova
H. Macedonia: State and Identity in an Unstable Regional Environment,
by Francesco Strazzari
Part III: Migration and Political Stability
A. Politics of Refugee Resettlement in the Former Yugoslavia, by
Mihailo Crnobrnja
B. Hungary's Migration Policy, 1987-1996: External Influences and
Domestic Imperatives, by Natalie Zend
C. The Migration Process in Bulgaria, by Ilona Tomova
D. Does Russia Have a Migration Policy? by Irina Gavrilova
E. Krasnodar Krai:  Migration, Nationalism and Regionalist Rhetoric,
by Aleksander Ossipov
Part IV:  Conclusion: Ethnic Relations and Western Political Theory,
by Will Kymlicka
V. Article Summaries (in Russian),  by Boris Tsilevich

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