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Fwd: Post Soviet Handbook - 2nd edition

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Date: July 13, 1998 8:08 PM
2nd edition, Post Soviet Handbook


To: Independent citizen organizations in countries of the former
Soviet Union

Western noncommercial organizations active in the former Soviet Union

From: Center for Civil Society International (CCSI)

CCSI is currently preparing a revised, second edition of THE
RESOURCES IN THE NEW INDEPENDENT STATES for publication at the end of
this year.

We published the first edition with the University of Washington Press
and it has been a very popular resource, providing information about
many hundreds of reform-oriented, noncommercial projects in
post-Soviet societies.  We want the second edition to be even better
than the first.

For this, we need your help!!

CCSI invites independent nongovernmental organizations in the
countries of the former Soviet Union, as well as international NGOs
carrying out projects there, to send us the information requested
below as soon as possible.  The key points of information needed are
as follows.

1. Complete organization name
2.  Address
3.  Telephone number
4.  Fax number
5.  E-mail address
6.  Web site address, if any
7.  Name and title of organizational leader
8.  Name and title of contact person, if different
9.  Short history of organization, including year formed.
10.  Reason for the formation of the organization.
11.  Examples of recent significant accomplishments of the
12. Current focus of activities.
13. Any objective measures of the organization's size or influence:
e.g, offices in other cities, numbers of staff, total expenditures for
a recent year, major awards or other important recognition received
recently, etc.
14. Names of any partner organizations abroad and the cities and
countries where located.

In addition to THE POST-SOVIET HANDBOOK, CCSI intends this time to
publish a separate book for the five countries of formerly Soviet
Central Asia. Titled CIVIL SOCIETY IN CENTRAL ASIA, it will also be
published with the University of Washington Press at the end of the

If you have a Web site and all the information needed is on it and
current, just send us the address of your site. Otherwise, please send
your answers to the questions above to us by AUGUST 31, 1998.  We
cannot guarantee that any information received after August 31 will be
used in these books, although we are always glad to have new material
for our Web site.

If you know of other organizations which should know about these two
projects, please pass this message on to them.


You may send us your information in several ways, in English or in

First preference: E-mail your answers to the questions above, at this
address: ccsi@u.washington.edu

Second: Visit our Web site. Our Home Page is at


There you will find a link to the questionnaire above, with a reply

Third:  Fax us your answers.  Our fax number is (206) 523-1974.

Questions?  Please contact us by e-mail at the address below, or by
telephone at (206) 523-4755.

Thank you very much.  We appreciate any help you can offer!

Holt Ruffin
Executive Director
Center for Civil Society International
2929 NE Blakeley Street
Seattle, WA  98105
E-mail: ccsi@u.washington.edu
Web: www.friends-partners.org/~ccsi/

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