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From: MINELRES moderator <>
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 10:03:56 +0300 (EET DST)
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Subject: List matters

MINELRES moderator <>

List matters

Dear all, 

The time of summer vacations has come. Many people are away from their
offices now, and enjoy well-deserved rest and relaxation. Though this
is not the case with the MINELRES moderator :-), I am not in a
position to continue bothering this rest with the MINELRES postings -
at least, not with the same intensity. I suggest to reduce a bit a
number of postings, like we did last year. What do you think about the
following mode: if up to the second half of August you will receive
not more than one MINELRES posting a day, and not every day - eg 4-5
postings a week? Your feedback on this proposal will be much
appreciated. Of course, your submissions are still welcome!

For those who will not have an opportunity (or willingness :-) to work
with Internet during summer vacations: no need to unsubscribe. The
listprocessor we use has a special option for this case, called
"postpone". This means your name remains on the list but no postings
are sent to your address unless you cancel the "postpone" mode. This
is much simpler than to unsubscribe and then to subscribe again. In
fact, every subscriber can set the desirable subscription mode
his/herself, yet, to avoid studying rather cumbersome listprocessor
commands, just let me know if you wish to set the "postpone" mode, and
I'll do this for you myself.    

Of course, everybody will have a chance to look through all summer
postings upon return from vacations - the list archive will be
maintained fully and duly. 

And the last request: can somebody give a good advice on possible
source for funding MINELRES after September. I am very sorry for
putting this question, but consideration of the applications I
submitted several months ago seems to be delayed, and the decision,
even if positive, can appear too late. After all, a good housewife
never puts all eggs in the same basket :-). I will be really grateful
for your tips in this respect.   

Enjoy summer (sorry to those who enjoy other seasons in their
countries :-), have a good rest, and meet you again in MINELRES -
tomorrow or after vacations!


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