Nationalism conference announcement

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Subject: Nationalism conference announcement

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Nationalism conference announcement

To members of minelres-l:
The South East European Research Unit's 1998 Summer School/Conference
entitled Europe and Nationalism: National Identity v. National Enmity
(The Case of the Successor States of Former Yugoslavia), is to be held
on the island of Korcula, Croatia, from 22-25 September 1998.
The conference information (advance notice and call for papers),
including a printable booking form, is to be found at
Chaired by J. Drummond Bone, Vice Principal at the University of
Glasgow, UK.
(Participant , Title , Institution , Country)
Almond, Mark* , Lecturer , Oriel College, University of Oxford , UK;
Anzulovic, Branimir , Author , - ,  USA;
Clogg, Richard , Professor , St. Anthony's College, University of
Oxford, UK;

Colovic, Ivan , Academician , - , FRY;
Conversi, Daniele ,  Professor , Central European University,
Budapest, Hungary;
Dimitrijevic, Nenad ,  Professor , Central European University,
Budapest , Hungary;
Foot, Michael* ,  Former leader of the Labour Party , - , UK;
Hassner, Pierre , Professor , Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches
Internationales,  Paris, France;
Jaksic, Bozidar ,  Professor , Institute for Philosophy and Social
Theory, University of Belgrade , FRY;

Kujundzic, Nebojsa , Assistant Professor and Chair , Department of
Philosophy,  University of Prince Edward Island , Canada;

Lovrenovic, Ivan , Author , - , Croatia;
Mahmutcehajic, Rusmir , Professor , University of Sarajevo ,
Monnesland, Sveinn ,  Professor ,  University of Oslo , Norway;
O'Donnell, Paddy , Senior Lecturer , University of Glasgow , UK;
Pavkovic, Aleksandar , Associate Professor , Macquarie University ,

Petrovic, Djurdjica , Professor , Formerly of University of Belgrade ,
Podunavac, Milan , Professor , Faculty of Political  Science,
University of   Belgrade , FRY;
Schopflin, George , Lecturer ,  School of Slavonic and East European
Studies,    University of London ,  UK;

Staub, Ervin* , Professor , University of Massachusetts ,  USA;
Swoboda, Johannes* , MEP , - , Austria;
Ticktin, Hillel* , Reader , Institute of Russian and East European
Studies,    University of Glasgow , UK;
Weller, Marc , Lecturer , University of Cambridge , UK;
Wolff, Stefan , Lecturer , Department of German, Keele University ,
Zymberi, Isa* ,  - ,  Formerly of University of Pristina , Kosovo,
(* denotes as yet unconfirmed particpants).

Proposed paper titles include:
"Multiple identities of Croats and Serbs";
"Standing on the ruins: how to reconstruct a tribal identity";
"Divided national identity in the time of great crisis: the case of
"The Myth of National Identity";
"Self-determination and nationalism - legal alternatives to conflict";
"Nationalism v. Liberalism: the Myths, Narratives and Politics of
Identity"; "Yugoslavism: A National Identity that Failed?";
"Kosovo - The Anathema of National Goals";
"The Roma and the Majority Population: coexistence, conflicts and
"Who were the secessionists? A problem of mistaken identity in the
wars of former Yugoslavia";
"Symbolic group identification theory: the implication of the social
psychological theory of group identity for confidence building in the
former Yugoslavia";
"Ethno-territorial conflict in Kosovo: A Comparative Analysis of
Possible Solutions".
Updated lists of participants will be found at  in due course.
Kind regards
Mr Marin Greenwood, Research Assistant
South East European Research Unit (SEERU)
The Adam Smith Building
University of Glasgow
40 Bute Gardens
Glasgow G12 8RT
Tel. (+44) 141 330 3941/6445
Fax (+44) 141 330 4438

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