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FEWER Executive Director
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Dear friends,

Please find below the advertisement for the position of Executive
Director for the FEWER Secretariat.  The position will also be
advertised in the Economist on 3 July 1998.  Apologies for
cross-postings.  We would greatly appreciate it if you could
disseminate this e-mail to your networks.  The dead-line for
applications is 1 August 1998.

Best regards,

Executive Director
(United Kingdom or Switzerland)
The Forum on Early Warning and Early Response (FEWER) is a new
international consortium of 22 IGOs, NGOs and academic institutions
(from Africa, Asia, North America, and East/West Europe) which
produces conflict early warning reports for decision-makers at
national, regional and international levels. Early warning pilot
projects have been established in Central Africa and the Caucasus. 
The aim is to collect and analyse information on crisis prone/affected
areas and develop reports with strategic responses for concerned
FEWER now requires a dynamic Executive Director to lead the
Secretariat (headquarters) of FEWER, and establish FEWER as an
initiative with a significant international role in supporting
conflict prevention efforts. The Secretariat is currently hosted by
International Alert (London) and will, in future, be located either in
Britain or Switzerland.  The Secretariat is staffed by four people.

The Executive Director will have extensive practical knowledge of
early warning in conflict areas and the capacity to lead and develop
FEWER. He/she will be responsible for fund-raising, monitoring quality
standards, and ensuring that member organisations are effectively
supported in their early warning work.  He/she has to be capable of
engaging decision makers in a variety of states, NGOs, international
organisations as well working with researchers in academic
institutions.  The salary level is  35-40 000. FEWER is an equal
opportunities employer.
For the job-description and additional information, please call/fax
Sally Chin or Rohini Deshmukh at the Secretariat 
(tel.: + 44 171 793-8383; 
fax: + 44 171 793-7975; 
e-mail: schin@fewer.org), 
or send an e-mail for automatic file transfer of a job description,
overview of FEWER, and a sample report to: 
with "job.doc" (no quotation marks) in the subject box. The deadline
for completed applications is 1 August 1998.  Interviews will take
place on 28 and 29 August 1998.
David Nyheim
Forum on Early Warning and Early Response (FEWER)
1 Glyn Street, London SE11 5HT
United Kingdom
Tel:+44 171 793-8383
Fax:+44 171 793-7975
European Centre for Minority Issues
William McKinney
Schiffbruecke 12
D-24939 Flensburg, Germany
e-mail: mckinney@ecmi.de
Tel:    +49 461 1414970
Fax:    +49 461 1414969

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