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Kosova daily report # 1443-B

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Kosova Information Center
Prishtina, 28 May 1998
Second Edition: 16:00 CET
President Rugova Will Have High Level Meetings in Washington, Rubin
PRISHTINA, May 28 (KIC) - President Ibrahim Rugova's visit to the U.S.
"will be an opportunity to exchange views on the situation" in Kosova,
James Rubin, the State Department spokesman said Wednesday.

LDK Presses for Urgent Nato Engagement in Kosova
PRISHTINA, May  28 (KIC) - The Presidency of the Democratic League of
Kosova (LDK), the main political force in the country, pressed today
for an urgent engagement of Nato in Kosova to "prevent the flare-up of
a war" that would have grave implications for the entire region.

Nato Statement on Kosova
Issued at the Ministerial Meeting of the North Atlantic Council held
in Luxembourg on 28th May 1998

PRISHTINA, May 28 (KIC) - Foreign meetings of the NATO member
countries started a two-day meeting in Luxembourg today. Following is
the text of the long statement on Kosova.

Serb Sniper Kills Elderly Albanian at Rastavic& Village of De^an
Rastavic& and Baballoq shelled by Serb forces Wednesday and Thursday

PRISHTINA, May 28 (KIC) - An Albanian, Tahir Kadrijaj, 75, was killed
by Serb sniper fire at his native Rastavic& village of De^an yesterday
(Wednesday) evening, local sources said.

Two Albanians Wounded from Serb Fire on Llaush& Village
PRISHTINA, May 28 (KIC) - Raza Geci (f) and Sahit Zejnullahu (70) were
wounded yesterday (Wednesday) at the village of Llaush& in the
municipality of Skenderaj ('Srbica'), local sources said.

LDK Activists in Gjakova Threatened to Be Used as Human Shield by Serb

Besa Arllati and Dr. Fehmi Vula were told their children would be
taken hostage if two Serbs allegedly abducted are not released by

PRISHTINA, May  (KIC) - Two members of the local LDK leadership in
Gjakova have been repeatedly detained and harassed by the Serbian
police over the past two days in connection with an alleged abduction
by Albanians of two Serb policemen in the area.

Heavy Buildup of Serb Forces on Suharek&-Rahovec Roadway
PRISHTINA, May 28 (KIC) - Heavy Serbian forces have been building up
at the village of Operush& on the Suhareka-Rahovec roadway.

Albanians Harassed Routinely for Alleged Support for U^K
PRISHTINA, May 28 (KIC) - Serbian forces have been routinely harassing
Albanians at check-points and roadblocks in Kosova with charges of
sympathy or support for the Ushtria ^lirimater e Kosov&s (U^K).

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