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Subject: COLPI job announcement

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COLPI job announcement

The Constitutional & Legislative Policy Institute (COLPI) was
established by the Open Society Institute to serve as legal institute
of the Soros Foundation network.  COLPI's mission is to assist in the
development of states based on the rule of law in Central & Eastern
Europe (CEE), the former Soviet Union (fSU) and Mongolia.  COLPI
focuses on assisting in the development and strengthening the modern,
democratic institutions.  Of these institutions, the judiciary is
crucial to the functioning of viable rule-of-law state.

To address one of the most significant weakness of the judicial organs
in this region, a well-trained cadre of judges and prosecutors, COLPI
intends to establish an in-house unit to provide support and
assistance to the existing Judicial Training Centres (JTC's) and to
assist governments in the establishment of a JTC in those countries
without one.
To this end, COLPI is seeking to hire an individual to serve as this
units coordinator.

Reports to: Executive Director, COLPI
General Areas of Responsibility:
Responsible for setting up and managing an international judicial
training coordinating centre within COLPI aimed at providing support
to judicial training centres in CEE, fSU, and Mongolia.

Specific Duties:
- Under the direction of the Executive Director, and in close
cooperation with judicial training centres in CEE, fSU and Mongolia,
designs, sets up, manages, and administers COLPI's international
judicial training coordinating unit (hereafter, "the Unit").

- As coordinator of the Unit, in consultation with the Executive
Director, develops and implements plans to provide comprehensive
support to judicial training centres in CEE, fSU and Mongolia,
including assistance in curriculum development, management issues, and
coordinating with centres in the West.

- Assists in the establishment of, and participates in, the Unit's
Advisory Board, which will meet regularly on a bi-annual basis to
discuss the role and operation of the Unit and ways to improve its

- Identifies opportunities, and develops avenues for cooperation with
eastern and western judicial training centres.

- Works cooperatively with COLPI staff and staff of other Soros
organizations, particularly with the national Soros Foundation

- Assists the Executive Director in establishing and maintaining
relationships with other non-governmental organizations, governmental
organizations, and international experts working in the field of
judicial reform.

- Assists the Executive Director in establishing and maintaining
contacts throughout the region with individuals possessing expertise
in subject areas relevant to the operation of the Unit.

- Assists the Executive Director in drafting periodic reports on the
Unit's activities.

- Represents COLPI at public and private meetings, workshops,
conferences, lectures, and discussions related to judicial training,
as assigned.
- Law degree or substantive background in the legal field;
- Judicial training experience (preferable);
- Excellent management and organizational skills;
- Good diplomatic skills;
- Excellent communication skills;
- Fluency in English and preferably proficiency in Russian or at least
one other relevant language;
- Strong personal initiative and ability to work with minimal
- Demonstrated skills in cooperative thinking and action;
- Clarity of thinking and expression both verbally and in writing;
- Adequate word processing skills;
- Willingness to travel.
Please submit a letter and CV to:
Rita Magdus
Open Society Institute
Human Resource Dept.
Oktober 6 utca 12
1051 Budapest, Hungary
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