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Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 09:12:32 +0300 (EET DST)
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Re: List matters

This is in reaction to Boris's in-advance appeal for impressions from
the Tallinn conference.
It was surprising that no one in the MINELRES has spilled out any
impressions about the alike conference in Riga. It was on 4-5 May and
focused on inter-ethnic relationship, integration, "inclusive society"
(how President Guntis Ulmanis put it, very nice), Europe. Maybe I just
missed this contribution. Do people who arranged the May conference in
Riga subscribe for MINELRES?

It could be enormously interesting to hear what they think of it
themselves. It is especially interesting in the context of the
twin-conference in Tallinn.

Upcoming events. I think, it would only be nice of all of us to inform
each other about what is planned in terms of seminars, conferences,
gatherings, etc. - of course of the nature of MINELRES.

For instance: Conference on the results of Survey "Towards Civil
Society" will be held on 11-12 June in Riga. Also this event will
focus on the inter-ethnic integration.

best wishes,
Dimitrijs Alehins,

NGO Centre in Riga, Latvia
Programme Manager, NGO training
Nevalstisko organizaciju centrs, Akas iela 5/7-11, LV1011 Riga, Latvia
tel. (371) 73 12 604/5/6, FAX (371) 73 12 550, E-MAIL:

(Moderator adds: I do support Dimitrijs's proposal. The organizers of
the May conference in Riga: Latvian Institute for Foreign Policies and
the EU Commission delegation in Latvia, the former is not subscribed
to MINELRES. BTW, the "twin conference" on Estonia was held in
Flensburg (Germany) and Abenraa (Denmark), not in Tallinn, and it was
in fact of a different kind than the Riga event - it was rather an
expert-type meeting with a limited number of participants, while
several hundreds were invited to the May conference in Riga. In my
personal view, the fact that so many seminars and conferences on the
integration problem in the Baltics have been held lately (and will be
more), should be appreciated. On the other hand, the discussions are
not always constructive and sometimes are even frustrating. Of course,
everybody is welcome to share his/her impressions from these meetings. 


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