Transitions Vol.5 No.5

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Subject: Transitions Vol.5 No.5

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Transitions Vol.5 No.5

The content of the next issue of Transitions (Vol.5, No.5, May 1998): 

- Editor's note

- Moscow reshuffle: Yeltsin's gamble, by Vitali Vitaliev

- In the wake of the storm, by Askold Krushelnycky, a Moscow
correspondent for The European

- Notes from along the way: A cold welcome for Serb returnees; Raining
on Latvia's SS parade; Moldova's comeback communists; and more

- In their own words: Bosnia: Poetry and pingpong; Romania: Vowing
reforms; Russia: Mayor unwanted

- Kosovo Albanians: closing the ranks, by Tihomir Loza

- (more papers on Kosovo:) The trap of the parallel society, by Denisa
Kostovic; An education in profit, by Astrit Salihu; First round: UCK,
by Zoran Kusovac; The ostrich policy, by Fron Nazi

- The disappointments of democracy, by Jiri Pehe ("On the eve of
elections, political and economic reality bursts the Czechs'

- The forgotten season, by Jan Urban ("...what happened 30 years ago
seems of little importance in Czech society today...")

- Going backwards fast, by Alexander Lukashuk ("As Lukashenka's
repression continues, Belarus becomes increasingly isolated")

- Ukraine joins the party, by Katya Gorchinskaya ("The Communist
victory in the parliamentary elections will ensure political gridlock
and threaten reforms")

- Tatars fight for citizenship, by Oleg Homenok

- Teetering on the brink in Tajikistan, by Yuri Kushko

- The task ahead, by Ludmila Harutyunyan ("Armenia has a new
president, and lots of problems")

- The reluctant dissident, by Brian Whitmore ("Former Russian navy
captain Aleksandr Nikitin blows the whistle on leaking nuclear
submarines... and pays the price")

- Cartoons

- Media profile: Spinning the peace, by Tomas Miglierina
("International organizations help shape Bosnia's complex media

- Media watch: Estonia: going ad-free; Russia: Good neighbors

- Books: Grozny's Pyrrhic victory, by Aslan Dujayev (Three books by
British journalists struggle to explain how a small nation overcame an
imperial power)

- Other views: Russian and Chechen books on the War   

- Reinventing history, by Vladimir Nalevka (Soviet-era photographic
purges sought to manipulate the past) 

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