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Subject: UN website in Russian

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UN website in Russian

Dear Friends,
I hope the following information may be of interest:
The United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) on Tuesday
launched a pilot project of the Organization's Internet site in
Created in cooperation with the Department of General Assembly Affairs
and Conference Services, the Russian web site is part of the promotion
of multilingualism in accordance with the General Assembly's request.
United Nations documentation and information material is now available
on the web site in four official languages.
With this initiative, DPI is leading the way in its continuing
commitment to making information available to as wide an audience as
possible in the most cost-effective manner.

The new site features basic information about the United Nations and
its organs,  the Charter of the United Nations and the Statute of the
International Court of  Justice.  It also contains recent reports of
the Secretary-General on the work of the Organization and the reform
process, as well as resolutions of the Security  Council and
statements by its President.
The Russian web site, which can be located at
http://www.un.org/russian includes final documents of major events and
many declarations and conventions such as the Universal Declaration of
Human Rights.
The United Nations launched its web site in 1995 and uses the Internet
as one of the most powerful tools of communication. The United Nations
Home Page currently receives more than 6.5 million accesses per month
from over 135 countries.

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