Arrest of human rights worker in Kyrgyzstan

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Subject: Arrest of human rights worker in Kyrgyzstan

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Arrest of human rights worker in Kyrgyzstan

According to our correspondent from the Jalal-Abad area of Kyrgyzstan,
on 1 May 1998 at 3pm Yodgar Parpiev of the regional human rights
organization "Spravedlivost" ("Justice") was arrested at the bus
station in the village of Masy, Jalal-Abad Area by officers of the
Nookenskoy Regional Department of Internal Affairs (RDIA), headed by
lieutenant S. Abdizov. During his detention the human rights worker
was subject to rude insults from the employees and manager, U.
Aytbaev, of the RDIA. The following articles of the Criminal Procedure
Code were breached by the authorities in carrying out the above

         -article 12 "Inviolability of the individual"
         -article 408 "Basis for preliminary detention"
         -article 427 "Detention protocol"
         -article 428 "Communication with prosecution about
Currently Parpiev Yodgar is facing an administrative charge of
"Intentionally disobeying the legal orders or demands of an officer of
the authorities of internal affairs". He was arrested after the police
tried to arrest two young men for drunkeness. A crowd developed. The
police left and returned and arrested Yidgar when people in the crowd
were explaining to him what had happened.
Recently human rights workers in the region have been battling with
the police in relation to their failure to observe the legal rights of
citizens. Human rights workers consider the arrest and detention of
Parpiev Yodgar to be pressure from the authorities to stop their work.

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