New materials on the MINELRES web site

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Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 08:57:00 +0300 (EET DST)
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Subject: New materials on the MINELRES web site

From: MINELRES moderator <>

New materials on the MINELRES web site

Dear all, 

Two memoranda on the Advisory Committee to be set up under the
Framework Convention mentioned by Ina in her recent posting are
available online at
and The text of 
the Resolution 97 (10) will be available shortly too. 

Besides, the following materials have been placed on the web within
the last few weeks: 

The Oslo Recommendations regarding the linguistic rights of national
minorities & explanatory note: (thanks to Guillaume
Siemienki from the Foundation on Inter-Ethnic relations!)

Explanatory report to the Framework Convention for the Protection of
National Minorities:

Report of the OSCE High Commissioner of National Minorities to the
Chairman-in-Office of the OSCE on the mission to the FYR of Macedonia,
July 10-13, 1997:

OSCE High Commissioner of National Minorities' letter to the Minister
for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, 23 May 1997: and the
Minister's answer of 11 September 1997: (thanks to Rene
Bekker for the latter three texts).  
And, of course, many new links have been added lately. Besides, the
mailing list archive is re-organized to make it more convenient for
users, all postings are divided by months (search by keyword is still
available in the entire archive). Enjoy! :-)


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