Mare Balticum No.5, 1998

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Subject: Mare Balticum No.5, 1998

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Mare Balticum No.5, 1998

Mare Balticum is published by the Council of the Baltic Sea States
Commissioner on Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, including
the Rights of Persons belonging to Minorities. The issue No.5, April
1998 contains the following materials: 

- The Commissioner's column: Perspectives for the CBSS cooperation, by
Ole Espersen

- Brief news from member states: 
- Denmark: Citizenship; Confusion in the Parliament [on abolition of
the prohibition for persons who are not Danish citizens to own and
drive taxis]
- Estonia: Citizenship; Law on Language; Abolition of death penalty)
- Finland: Racism in Finland; Half of alien applicants allowed to stay
- Germany: New legislation concerning the status of children; New law
on surveillance; Anti-foreigners attempts
- Latvia: Human rights complaints double [received by the National HR
Office]; Issue of non-citizen passports; New naturalization "window"
opened; European Convention ratified; Legislation [amendments to the
Labour Code, draft State Language Law]
- Lithuania: Asylum seekers and refugees; Reporting under different
human rights instruments; Death penalty
- Norway: Minister of International Development and Human Rights
[statement on HR]; Freedom of expression versus legislation on racial
discrimination; Discrimination law tightened; Commission on values
- Poland: Restrictions on passing the Eastern border; Judgement in the
first Polish case before the European Court of Human Rights; Agreement
on minorities [Polish-Lithuanian]
- Russia: Amnesty; The State Duma ratifies the ECHR and the ECPT;
regional Ombudsman in St.Petersburg; Non-combat losses in the army in
1997; Freedom of religion 
- Sweden: Draft law on treatment of detained persons; Recognition of
minority languages; Young people no longer in prison
- European Union: Accession partnerships

- Surveys of the Commissioner. Recently completed and ongoing surveys:
- Survey on the Working conditions of elected members of local
authorities in the CBSS member states
- Survey on Rights of non-citizens, residing legally in the member
states of the CBSS. Part II: Right of association, access to civil
service and to other special posts or work
- Implementation of the survey on the Rights of the Child
- The independence of Public prosecution services

- Official visits to Norway, Russia, Poland

- Convention on Nationality, by Audra Plepyte

- Human Rights in the armed forces of a democratic state

- CBSS Summit Meeting, Riga, 22-23 January 1998

- OSCE Representative on freedom of the media appointed

- Round table on Democracy and human rights in the Baltic Sea region

- Council of Europe Resolutions

- Estonian Institute for Human Rights, by Merle Haruoja

- Legal Information Centre for Human Rights, by Aleksei Semjonov

- Mandate of the OSCE Representative on freedom of the media

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