Azeri was killed by racists in Moscow

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Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 11:48:14 +0300 (EET DST)
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Subject: Azeri was killed by racists in Moscow

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Azeri was killed by racists in Moscow

Dear friends:
Yesterday, the Russian TV channels inform that in Moscow was killed
one young man of Azeri origin in the presence of Moscow police.
A group of bandits, allegedly the policemen in the civilian clothes,
attacked the Azeri small businessmen in the market and began to beat
them. As a result, one man died.

This murder allowed by the police provocated the street march of about
1.5-2 thousands of Azeris who tried to transport the corpse to
Kremlin. But local OMON tolerating local Nazi's and Commies' marches
broke the Azeris up.

Tonight, the Moscow colleagues douplicated this information.
So, the Moscow Nazis promising to kill the African "Blacks" in the
anniversary of Hitler killed the Azeri "Darky."

While our state TV dealt with the propaganda of the President, this
terrible information reached all corners of ex-USSR and get worried
the local Azeri communities (one Azeri friend call to me even from
quiet Belorussia.)

I think, it needs our common and strong response. Moscow is a real
state within a state, and since the time of shooting the Parliament in
1993, there are the discrimination instructions against so called
"persons of Caucasian (!) nationality," i.e. Azeris, Armenians,
Georgians, Chechens, etc. as well as the open enmity of police and
local Red & Brown community to the "darkies" (the same Caucasians and
Central Asiats).

The Europe struggles against "anti-Democratic" regime in Belorussia
where nobody is killed on their political or racial origin, critisizes
Baltia for the language policy, and is so blind in the Russian issues
where bombing, killing, pogroms, etc. are already real. Damned Nuclear
"red button"!


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