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Fwd: New book on Caucasus conflicts

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SOTA has published a new book on Caucaus.
The book can be ordered from SOTA.
Please read hereunder the details and how you can order:
New World Disorder in Caucasia
Haarlem 1998, SOTA, 224 pages.

1. Introduction
2. Contents
3. How to order
1. Introduction:
The Caucasus situated on the frontiers of Europe and Asia is a
crossroad and gateway between Cultures and Civilizations, (between
Europe and Asia, Islam and Christianity, Turks, Iranians and Slavs.)
In the famous Caucasus Mountains, where Prometheus was punished and
chained to the rocks because he had stolen the fire from the gods to
hand to mankind, seems to be the most fertile ground for ethnic
violence. The war between Armenia and Azerbaijan about Nagorno
Karabagh, The Abkhazian-Georgian conflict and the Chechen-Russian War.
These wars costed more than 100,000 lives and resulted in millions of

- What are the causes of conflicts in the Caucasus?  Is this an area
where there will never be peace?
- What is the role of international organizations and the media in
these conflicts?
- Could methods of conflict resolution help make the region less
- What is the role of millions of women, who suffer the most from wars
that are fought mainly by male heroes?

This book gives answer to these and other relevant questions. The
authors are all experts and specialists of the region or
representatives from the countries involved in conflicts. It is a book
that it should not be missed both by experts as laymen who are
interested in the region.

2. Contents:

Assessing The Origins Of The Karabakh Conflict
Alan F. Fogelquist
Armenian Terrorism And Its Role In The War Over Upper-Karabakh
Charles Van Der Leeuw
The Legal Aspects of the Karabagh Conflict
Jeyhun Mollazade
Women And War
Leyla Yunusova
The New World Disorder in Transcaucasia
Mehmet Binay
The  Russo-Chechen Conflict In Historical Perspective
Moshe Gammer
The Relations Between Chechnya And Russia Since The Election Of
(January-May 1997)
C. Cem Oguz
Georgian-Abkhazian Conflict and its Aftermath
Viacheslav A. CHIRIKBA (Abkhazia/Netherlands)
Abkhazia Diary 1997
Paul B. Henze
Attachment: October 1992 Appraisal
An Informal Assessment of the Abkhaz Problem by Paul B. Henze
The Role Of Scholars In The Abkhazians' Loss Of Trust In The Georgians
And How To Remedy The Situation
George Hewitt
Ethnic Minorities in Georgia
Georgian Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Ethnic Minorites
of Georgia
General Overview
U.S. Interests and "Cooperative Security" in Abkhazia and Karabakh:
Engagement versus Commitment?
Robert M. Cutler
Transition to What? Obstacles to Lasting Peace in the Caucasus
George Khutsishvili
An overview of the North Caucasian peoples
Lars Funch & Helen Krag
Ethnic Situation In The Caucasus
Rauf A. Huseynov
Oil Interests As The Caucasian Conflicts' True Face Behind Ethnic
Charles van der Leeuw
Turkey's Caucasus Policy (1990-1997): An Evaluation
Mehmet Tutuncu
The Role Of Russia In Ethnic Conflicts In The Caucasus
Levan  Urushadze
Daglik Karabag Olaylarinin Perde Arkasi
Nesrin Sariahmetoglu
Cigars As Bribes: The confessions of a war-zone stoggie smoker
Thomas Goltz
Copyright 1997, SOTA, Haarlem, Netherlands
ISBN 90-9011125-5
3. How to order:
Please print and fill the form hereunder and fax/post it to the adress
and number under the form.
I order ___ copie(s) of Caucasus War and peace:
Methods of payment:
( ) Cash by post
( ) American Express/Eurocard/Mastercard, Fill in further
( ) Bank Account 6293434 on the name of SOTA (Stichting Onderzoek
Turkestan) Postbus 9642, 2003 LP Haarlem Netherlands, please add 10
Dollars bank costs.
The book will be sent postage paid to your adress after receiving of
your payment: Delivery 3 to 5 weeks
Price: USD 30 + 5 postage and handling for Europe
Price: USD 30 + 10 post and handling costs outside Europe

Date: ________________________________


Adress: _______________________________



Telephone:____________________________ e-mail:____________
( ) Please debit my credit card:
for an amount of: US Dollars: ______
Credit card:____________________ Number ______________________
Expiry Date: ___________________ Signature: __________________
( ) I have paid via bank account next amount USD:________
Please send it fax it to  next adress and telephone/fax numbers:
P.O. box 9642
2003 LP Haarlem
Tel.: + 31 23 5292883
Fax.: + 31 23 5292883
email for further information: <sota@euronet.nl>

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