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Newsline. Crimea. Issue 7
Dear friends, colleagues!
Today the 7th edition of our bulletin "Crimea:  Political Situation"
has seen the daylight, and I think that is the time to reveal some
tiny secret of ours.  Among those who is busy with the publication of
the bulletin there is no professional journalist, and the average age
of the members of the editorial board is 23.  Therefore, it is crucial
for us to know Your opinion about the bulletin and we highly
appreciate your comments, proposals, critiques.  The bulletin is
issued in Russian and English.  We hope that pretty soon a variant in
Crimean Tatar language will be published.  The bulletin is distributed
for free. Unfortunately, due to financial shortcomings we cannot have
mass reader, that is why we are forced to send it to only really
interested people.  Therefore, we would like to be informed about Your
desire to receive "Crimea: Political Situation" in the future.
Sincerely Yours,
Director of the Center "Aydin"
Ayder Mujdaba
Crimea: Political Situation
Information Bulletin
The Center of Public Initiatives
Issue 7                                        20 April - 3 May, 1998

"Mektep kormek insana devlettir - To see a school is a happyness of a

                         The Crimean Tatar national proverb
Day Quotations
"Today we have obtained the recognition of the rights to study in our
native language, there are laws that guarantee the fulfillment of
those rights, moreover, that prescribe doing that, but there is lack
of mechanisms of fulfillment. Everything depends on the official
structures and there is no assurance that they will revive our
language by themselves. National groups in kindergartens, classes,
schools are being opened. But their development is spontaneous,
usually everything is based on bare enthusiasm of teachers,
individuals, there is nothing like scientific management of the
process of development of those schools, an optimal concept of the
first steps in the way of the revival of education and bringing up in
native language is still lacking.

                                                 Dilara Seitvelieva
                 (Chairman of the Crimean Tatar public organization
                                           "The Teachers' Council")
"Speaking about the integration processes of Crimean Tatars into
Ukrainian society we also have to care for the opposite movement. It 
has to be started, first of all, from the Ukrainian children and youth
studying the Crimean Tatar language. For the Ukrainian to study it
will become the first step to seeing in depth and understanding the
Turkic world.
                                                     Piotr Volvach
                       (Chairman of the Crimean Scientific Society
                                             "Crimea with Ukraine)

1)  Review of the political news of Crimea;
2)  Mejlis news - in Moscow are being conducted pickets of support for
Crimean Tatars;
3) Will "snake" Bagrov be able to swallow "elephant" Grach - an
analytical report on the struggle for the chair of speaker of Crimean
4) Will Crimea overcome the Sicily - the Vice-minister of the internal
affairs of Ukraine comments on  the criminal situation on the
5) Crimean schools: proceeding to the 21 century - materials about the
problems of the national education of Crimean Tatars.


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