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UN Job Opportunity

Job Description
Human Rights Field Officer
UN Human Rights Office, Abkhazia, Georgia

The objectives of the Human Rights Office in Abkhazia, Georgia
("HROAG") are to promote respect for human rights, protect the human
rights of the population of Abkhazia, Georgia in the spirit of the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights, contribute to a safe and
dignified return of refugees and internally displaced persons and
report on human rights developments in conformity with UN and OSCE


Summary of Assigned Duties:

The Head of the Human Rights Field Office shall be responsible for the
running of the human rights programme in Abkhazia, Georgia.  He or she
shall employ the following means to fulfil the objectives of the Human
Rights Programme in Abkhazia, Georgia: lead in the monitoring of the
human rights situation in Abkhazia, Georgia through the collection,
checking, analysis and reporting on human rights, and take appropriate
action in consultation with the Chief and Office of the High
Commissioner for Human Rights ("OHCHR") to prevent and remedy possible
human rights violations; establish and maintain  contacts so as to
assist the Chief in advising competent authorities on how best to
improve the human rights situation; Organize and oversee reporting to
the High Commissioner for Human Rights, who will keep all concerned
individuals, organizations and Governments duly informed on the human
rights situation.  Coordinate the organization of activities for the
promotion of international human rights standards through human rights
education and the fostering of local capacities of human rights
protection, e.g., through the training for local administrative
officials, police, judges, prison officers and NGOs, and other
activities (such as publications) detailed in the relevant UN project
document for technical cooperation.  Provide on-going advisory
services to the local population and officials, as necessary.  Report
regularly on the activities of the human rights programme of
monitoring, technical cooperation and advisory services.

Distribution of duties:

The incumbent, with the assistance of two other human rights officers,
will be responsible for (with approximate percentage of time devoted
to each duty):

- The drawing up and periodical revision, in consultation with the
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, a Work Plan
specifying the means by which the objectives of the Mission shall be
implemented (1%);

- Establish and maintain contacts with local and national officials,
NGOs, international organizations and others with a view to working
towards the improvement of the human rights situation through
monitoring, follow up, investigation and redress of human rights
violations (15%);

- Implementation of a defined programme and methodology for monitoring
activities, in consultation with the Office of the High Commissioner
for Human Rights (24%);

- Organization of specific activities of technical cooperation in
accordance with the work plan of the project of technical cooperation

- Provision of advisory services in the area of human rights to the
local population and local officials, as needed (20%);

- Preparation of reports and other documents or written materials as
well as the conduct of missions, meetings and investigations (15%)

Decision making responsibilities and impact:   

Decisions will be made under the authority of the Office of the High
Commissioner for Human Rights.

The responsibilities of the human rights field officer require
decision making which will include careful analysis of the character
and extent of information and international human rights standards to
determine whether they constitute human rights violations and where
such violations occur, how they can most effectively be stopped and
deterred in future.  The action on the part of the human rights field
officer in monitoring, and working towards the deterrence of human
rights violations requires the establishment and maintenance of a
cooperative relationship with local authorities and diplomatic, NGO,
international and other relevant representatives, under the guidance
of the Chief.  A lack of such contacts or an insufficient measure of
reliability and sensitivity in these relationships risks undermining
the credibility of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human
Rights as neutral, impartial and independent actors capable of working
productively towards the better realization of human rights protection
and promotion in the region.

The duty to report on human rights, regarding both  violations and
redress, requires thoroughness and careful judgement in gathering,
checking, documentation, legal analysis and follow up of cases.  An
insufficient standard of care paid to reporting on human rights risks
the proliferation of misunderstandings and may increase the spread of
unwarranted allegations or disinformation.

The duty to promote human rights through activities of technical
cooperation requires thorough consideration as to how best to help
public authorities and NGOs, primarily those in positions responsible
for the maintenance and promotion of law and order and human rights,
in order to bring their professional practises into greater conformity
with international human rights standards and develop sustainable
capacity in human rights promotion and protection.  Inadequate
achievement of these objectives may render the efforts of the United
Nations and more specifically, of the Office of the High Commissioner
for Human Rights transitory, unless public authorities and NGOs foster
abiding respect for human rights and the rule of law.

Type of recommendations to be made:

The Head of the Human Rights Office shall formulate recommendations on
what specific actions in the area of protection and promotion of human
rights in Abkhazia, Georgia should be taken to enhance observance of
international human rights norms.  The Head of the Office shall
prepare recommendations as to the contents of reports to be made by
the Secretary-General and High Commissioner for Human Rights on the
situation in Abkhazia, Georgia.

Goals and Objectives of the post:

To ensure the effective observance of international human rights norms
in Abkhazia, Georgia, thereby helping to achieve the Mission of the
OHCHR and the goals provided for under the United Nations Charter
relative to the protection and promotion of human rights for all.

Extent of Supervision:

The Head of the Human Rights Office will report to the High
Commissioner for Human Rights.  Circumstances will demand independent
action and responsibility, but only under the line of authority of the
United Nations.


Education: Advanced university degree in law, political science,
social sciences or international relations.  Specialized study of
human rights preferred.

Experience: A minimum of five years international experience,
including at least one year working directly on human rights. 
Specialization in monitoring and reporting on human rights and
experience in advisory services and the organization of human rights
training activities in field operations highly desirable.

Languages: Fluency in Russian and English required.

Letters of application with c.v. should be sent as soon as possible

Ms. T. Smith
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
Room A-517
United Nations
1211 Geneva 10

fax: 4122 917-0213
e-mail: tsmith.hchr@unog.ch

For further information about the field office in Abkhazia, Georgia
and about the work of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
generally, please see the OHCHR web site:  http://www.unhchr.ch

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