International Human Rights Conference in Samara

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Subject: International Human Rights Conference in Samara

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International Human Rights Conference in Samara

The Administration of Samara Region, the Ministry of Education of the
Russian Federation, the International Movement "Educators for Peace
and Understanding", the Academy for Upgrading Professional Standards
and Retraining of Educators of the Russian Federation, the Samara
Regional Public Human Rights Protection Centre, the Moscow School of
Human Rights, the Samara Polyethnic Humanitarian Lyceum "Harmony of
the World", the Samara State Pedagogical University and the Union of
Lawyers of the Samara Region will carry out from June 9 till June 12,
1998 in Samara the International conference "Human rights and culture
of peace on a threshold of the third millennium".
Sections of the Conference:
a.. Human rights in educational process;
b.. Practical activity in the field of human rights protection;
c.. Mass media and human rights.
Problematic of a conference:
a.. The rights of the child and the parent;
b.. Techniques of teaching of courses on human rights in the system of
c.. The rights of bad-protected social groups of the population;
d.. The rights of women;
e.. Human rights in penitentiary system;
f.. Human rights in the Armed Forces;
g.. The rights of minorities;
h.. Human rights and culture of peace.
Quotas on participation in the conference from regions are not
On results of the conference the theses of the reports will be

The theses of the reports are accepted till June 5, 1998 in volume of
1,5 pages of the typewritten text in 1,5 intervals. During the first
day of the conference the texts of the reports will be accepted on a
diskette in Word 6.0 for Windows format, Arial font 12 points.
Otherwise, publication of the theses is not guaranteed.

We invite you to take part in a conference and to inform the
Preparatory Committee till June 1, 1998 about your consent to the

Samara Polyethnic Humanitarian Lyceum "Harmony of the world"
Pr.Maslennikova 40a
Samara 443056 Russia
Fax +7 (8462) 33-26-78 (please, specify: "On the conference on human
Phone for information +7 (8462) 32-21-62.

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