Training courses offered by the Council of Europe

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Subject: Training courses offered by the Council of Europe

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Training courses offered by the Council of Europe

UNITED can only nominate members of active SUPPORTER ORGANISATIONS
from Council of Europe countries. Deadline to nominate: 5 May. For
more details please contact the UNITED office.
*Training for Trainers working in Central and Eastern Europe, 5-16
September 2000, EYC Budapest
- enable participants within the frame of their youth organisation or
associations to competently prepare, run and evaluate training
activities with a European dimension Contents:
  - analyses of the role of training and the trainer within European
youth work
  - introduction to and reflection about different concepts of
  - the role of intercultural learning in training
  - reflections on Europe, ethics and values
  - skills training for trainers
  - the role of young people in the building of European Civil Society
and European Integration
These elements will be looked at in view of the specifity of training
in the context of particular Central and Eastern European Countries
and regions.
Participants Profile:
- Youth leaders, youth workers and government representatives who are
or will be responsible for one or several training activities with a
European and / or international dimension.
-  participants of European youth programmes who wish to gain training
skills for international or intercultural programmes
- aged between 18 and 30
- actively involved in youth work
- have experience in the field of training with an international
- be well informed about their organisation, institution or service
- be able to work in either English or French;
- be in the position to act as a trainer after the course
- be committed to attend the course for its full duration and be
supported by a sneding organisation
- priority will be given to applicants working in or coming from
Central or Eastern European countries.
* Development of Co-operation Roma youth organisations, National Youth
Councils and Non-governmenatl youth organisaitons in Central and
Eastern Europe: Situation and perspective for co-operation. 18-24
September European Youth Centre, Strassbourg
Main aim of the Activity:
- To ensure the development of minority (Roma) issues on the political
agenda of youth NGOs, NYCs, INGYOs, the European Youth Forum and the
Council of Europe as an element of the development of youth policy.
- to promote cultural understanding of the reality as a basis for
- to provide and promote space for dialogue between Roma youth NGO's
and non-Roma INGYOs and NYCs in Central and Eastern Europe
Program elements:
- Getting to know each other, each other's role, reality and
- Reflecting upon culutral differences,
- define common valuesand goals
- develop concrete co-operation areas.
- should come from either Roma youth NGOs willing to co-operate with
non-Roma youth NGOs or vice versa
- should be governments representatves willing to support this
- aged between 18 - 30
- be actively involved and well informed about their own reality
- have some knowledge and experience in youth work, training and work
with minorities
- be able to work in either English or Romanes
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