Roundtable on Integration in Estonian Society

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Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 20:27:29 +0200 (EET)
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Subject: Roundtable on Integration in Estonian Society

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Roundtable on Integration in Estonian Society

Legal Information Centre for Human Rights (LICHR) is NGO with the 5
years experience of activity in the field of human rights.
The main goal of the LICHR is to monitor the situation concerning the
realization of rights of residents of Estonia, and to counteract the
negative factors, undermining the development of democratic processes.

In its activities the LICHR has mapped four high priority strategic
a) promotion of a peaceful development of society by identification
and furthering the solution of potential areas of conflicts;
b) working for the protection against abuses of the individual person
by being a watchdog with regard to monitoring the situation of the
administration of justice/rule of law/access to justice;
c) contributing to a society, which will increase its respect for the
rules and recommendations in the area of human rights by disseminating
information on legal issues and human rights standards and
d) as well as initiating the establishment of a forum for debate,
which initiates discussions on matters, which could hinder the stable
democratic development of society;
e) contributing to a society, where all individuals and groups are
offered the possibility of influencing the democratic processes taking
place in society;
For the purpose of achievement and the realization of basic directions
of activities, particularly for dissemination of information and
establishing the dialog between NGO and political bodies the LICHR
regularly organizes conferences, seminars and workshops.
We should like to announce public Round Table on the issue of
"Integration in Estonian Society: Problems and Perspectives" to be
held on 12 May 2000 in Tallinn.
The Round Table will be organized within the framework of the Joint
Project between the Netherlands Helsinki Committee and the Legal
Information Centre for Human Rights entitled "Strengthening the legal
counseling in the Legal Information Centre for Human Rights". The
event is financially supported by the Social Transition Programme
Central and Eastern Europe (MATRA) of the Netherlands Ministry of
Foreign Affairs.
The process of integration touches every country and we consider it
necessary to continue a public discussion of substance and aims of

Scientists, specialists, public figures and political organizations as
well as minority NGOs are invited to participate in the Round Table.
The participants of the Round Table will deliberate the Government
Programme "Integration in Estonian Society 2000 - 2007", its positive
and negative aspects.
Also, the LICHR representative will present the analysis of
recommendations of the High Commissioner on Minority Rights and their
implementation in Estonia.
All are welcome to attend, but please contact Nadezda Smeritsevskaja
( by Monday 1 May to indicate your interest and to
reserve a place.

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