Human Rights Library in Georgia asks for help

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Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 14:09:34 +0200 (EET)
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Subject: Human Rights Library in Georgia asks for help

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Human Rights Library in Georgia asks for help

Dear colleagues,
In 16 May of 1996 the Georgian Parliament adopted the law about the
Public Defender of Georgia. In October 1997 the Parliament confirmed
David Salaridze as a Public Defender of Georgia. The office of the
Public Defender started to work in 4 January of 1998.

In January 1999 the UN Development Programme started four year
project: "The assistance of the Public Defender's Office of Georgia".
The donors are: The OON Development Programm, SIDA, Danish Centre of
Human Rights.

The UN Development Programme includes the establishment of the Human
Rights Library and the Informational-documentalistic Centre Of the
Public Defender's Office. The Centre must fulfil the Library and
Information service in the sphere of the Human Rights. The Library and
the Informational-documentalistic Centre will serve the Public
Defender's Office, the State Structures, NGOs, any citizen of Georgia.
The library must put into practice (fulfil) the informational
relations with the other libraries, informational-documentalistic
centres and with the national or international  organizations in order
to change with the library information.

We have the first steps in this way. We have not such practice in
Georgia and it is not easy for us to finde someone, who can help in
this way. We request you to help us to work out this problem or at
least to point, who can give us the necessary information about the
similiar centres.

For the further better work of the library, we request you, if you
have, to send all the international regulative Normative Acts of
libraries, all the publications on Russian language, or to point us
the adresses where we can buy them.
Rusudan Gujabidze

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