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Fwd: Developments in Javakheti

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The Copyright of the material under mentioned belongs to  Azerbaijan
Independent news Service - ANS - sorry for cross sending.
As is known, Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze faced a 200-strong
picket in the Akhalkalaki region while meeting the region's voters
within the framework of his pre-election campaign. The picketers of
Armenian origin demanded granting autonomy to the Javakhetia region,
recognition of the alleged 1915 genocide of Armenians and solution of
their social problems. Georgia's Ambassador Extraordinary and
Plenipotentiary to Azerbaijan, Zurab Gumberidze noted the Embassy
didn't receive such information through official channels and refused
to comment on unofficial information. The First Secretary of the
Azerbaijan Embassy to Georgia, Mazahir Sadikhov said official Tbilisi
refuses to confirm the information either. According to Sadikhov,
confirmation of the information would upset the balance of power among
presidential nominees on the eve of presidential election. It's
nonetheless noteworthy that the information found reflection in the
news bulletins issued by Prime-News and Kavkaz-Centre news agencies
and the article on this topic was published in the Georgian newspaper
Rezonansi with the reference to the mentioned news agencies. As for
official newspapers, Shevardnadze's meetings with voters in the
Akhalkalaki region are being described in vivid colours. According to
official statistics, Georgia's Armenian community numbers 500,000. The
Akhalkalaki region is the densest place where Armenians live. The head
of Akhalkalaki's executive power Muradian brushed aside the
allegations the picket was arranged by the Virk Union. It should be
observed that Georgia's High Court refused to register Virk as party
since the latter was founded based on nationalistic considerations.
Despite that, the Union operates as a public organization.
P.S. The word 'as well' at the title belongs to Fuad Hamidzada

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