Reseach on Islamic Family Law

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Subject: Reseach on Islamic Family Law

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Reseach on Islamic Family Law

Dear Colleague:

The Law and Religion Program of Emory University are implementing a
series of global studies of Islamic Family Law (IFL). General
principles of Shari'an are supposed to govern such matters as
marriage, divorce, maintenance, paternity and custody of children for
more than a billion Muslims around the world. However, clear
variations are to be expected not only because of significant
theological, legal, and other differences among and within Muslim
societies and communities, but also because Shari'a principles are
often in practice modified by customary practices, or as a matter of
state policy.
This global series of studies of IFL, as the most widely applied
family law system in the world today, has two main objectives: 1) to
verify and document the scope and manner of the application of IFL
around the world, and 2) to explore and substantiate possibilities of
IFL reform within particular communities of Muslims in their specific
cultural, theological, legal and institutional context.
These studies are also concerned with evaluating and promoting the
practical consistency between IFL and international human rights
through an integrated approach: from research and analysis to policy
and law reform proposal, to advocacy for change by groups and
organizations within the country or local community.
>From this perspective, the Project is designed to provide a forum for
presentation of initiatives and reform proposals emerging from within
Islamic societies and communities. The Project also seeks to
facilitate debate and deliberation concerning these issues of the
different perspectives. In so doing, however, the Project's approach
is conditioned by a strong commitment to universal human rights of
women and children in this regard. By approaching the issues in this
way, the Project will provide opportunities for testing and promoting
the practical consistency between IFL and international human rights.
The purpose of this letter is to invite you to our thinking and
information on the subject in order to strongly and actively invite
the widest possible participation and cooperation from all individuals
and organizations or groups, educational and research institutions,
governmental and national, regional and global level.
Please visit our website at
This is an invitation for whomever is interested to please participate
by reflecting on our approach and methodology, correct or add to the
information we are presenting, evaluate or suggest revision for any
conclusions or recommendations that may emerge over the course of this
Please pass this message along to anyone that may be interested in
learning more about our research. Thank you in advance for your
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im

Nadir Kamaldinov,
Director of Resourece Center on National Minorities
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