Soldiers´ Mothers Report on Human Rights´ Violations in Chechnya

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Subject: Soldiers´ Mothers Report on Human Rights´ Violations in Chechnya

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Soldiers´ Mothers Report on Human Rights´ Violations in Chechnya

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Russian human rights organisation "Soldiers' Mothers of Saint
Petersburg" has completed a report on human rights violations during
the current military operation in Chenchnya. As the introductory
chapter of the report states, "The information was gathered in
February and March 2000 in the military hospital in St. Petersburg
(the neurological department) and the Military Medical Academy
(military ground surgery department), where soldiers wounded in
military activity are sent."

The Report was submitted to the deputies of the Parliamentary Assembly
of the Council of Europe. Due to space limitations, we forward only
the table of contents of the Report to our subscribers. Complete
version of the report is available upon individual requests. 

Violations of the rights of peaceful civilians, captives and Federal
soldiers in the course of the military operation in the Chechen
Republic of Ichkeria during the period autumn 1999 to February 2000.

Contents of the report:

I.   Introduction:
- when and where the material was gathered.
- the system by which the information was gathered.

II. Violations of the rights of peaceful citizens:
- executions.
- bombings and artillery fire.
- lootings.

III. Violations of the rights of captives:
- executions.
- torture.
- abuse
- disfigurement of corpses
- Burial of unidentified corpses in Urus-Mortan.

IV. Violations of the rights of servicemen.
- bad living conditions as a justification for looting and
unreasonable risk taking.
- incurring injuries.
- artillery fire on soldiers of the same unit.
- 'dedovshina'- the army culture of exploitation and torture by
- unidentified corpses of soldiers

V. Propaganda in military subunits
- sewing nationalist tensions in military units.
- harassment
- illegal orders
- encouraging torture, looting and disfigurement of corpses.

VI. Conclusion

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