Give & Take: A Journal on Civil Society in Eurasia, the Spring Issue

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Subject: Give & Take: A Journal on Civil Society in Eurasia, the Spring Issue

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Give & Take: A Journal on Civil Society in Eurasia, the Spring Issue

Amidst Conflict, NGOs Nurture Peace

ISAR: Initiative for Social Action and Renewal in Eurasia, a US-based
nongovernmental organization (NGO), is pleased to announce the spring
issue of its quarterly publication, Give & Take: A Journal on Civil
Society in Eurasia. Give & Take draws on ISAR's grassroots contacts
and sixteen years of experience encouraging citizen initiatives in the
countries of the former Soviet Union (FSU). The journal blends stories
about local NGO activity with analysis of the trends affecting civil
society development.

The spring issue of Give & Take analyzes the role of NGOs and
community organizations in mitigating and preventing violent conflict.
In the aftermath of the war in Kosovo and as a second war in Chechnya
rages, post-Soviet, US and European authors explore the potential for
NGOs to play a greater role in peace making and supporting
community-building efforts in the volatile regions of the FSU.



"Peace Group Struggles for Nonviolent Solutions in Conflict Regions of
the FSU"
An interview with the director of Nonviolence International-Newly
Independent States, Andre Kamenshikov

"Caucasus NGOs Find New Roles"
The author explores the prospects for NGO involvement in the Caucasus
and impediments toward their work in conflict resolution.
by Anna Matveeva (part of a series by the Forum for Early Warning and
Early Response)

"Confidence Building in Conflict Zones: Challenges of NGO Networking"
An overview of efforts to develop the Caucasus Forum of NGOs working
for peace and the potential for expanding the forum to other parts of
the FSU.
by Gevork Ter-Gabrielian (International Alert)

"Local Capacity for Peace Making: Exploring the NGO Role"
Author explains how civil war requires civil action and the role NGOs
can play to expedite peace initiatives.
by Paul van Tongeren (European Center for Conflict Prevention)


"Small Steps toward Peace in Abkhazia"
A look at how local and international nongovernmental efforts have
provided a forum for dialogue between Abkhaz and Georgians.
Paula Garb (University of California, Irvine)

"Third Sector Diplomacy Builds Trust in War-torn Georgian Communities"
A Georgian peace activist describes the importance of Third Sector
efforts in repairing trust between former enemies.
by Paata Zakareishvili (Caucasian Institute for Peace, Democracy and

"Mobile Development for the Displaced"
The author reports on one groups successful project to grow food, earn
money, develop professional skills and adapt to their new situations
as internally displace persons.
by Susan Allen Nan (Carter Center)

"Can NGOs Build Bridges?"
NGO leaders describe efforts to develop ties between Azerbajani and
Armenian students and how such interaction nurtures peaceful
cooperation as opposed to isolation and war.
by Gulshan Pashayeva (Conflict Research Center) Rena Safaraliyeva
(Transcaucasus Women's Dialogue)


"Struggling for Stability in Ferghana: NGOs in Central Asia's
A report on the recent events in the Ferghana Valley and the NGO
efforts to stave off violence threatening the ethnically diverse and
economically impoverished region of Central Asia.
by Amy Forster (ISAR-Central Asia)

"Peace Building in Multiethnic Crimea"
With the return of deported Crimean Tatars from Central Asia and
perennial conflict between Russians and   Ukrainians, the author
assesses the prospects for dealing with conflict by  nonviolent means.
Carina Korostelina (Center for Ethnic and Social Research)

"Traditional Skills Offer New Opportunities"
Local artists from Tajikistan find new sources of income and renewed
hope by working with international and regional NGOs.
Beth Gottschling (Aid to Artisans)


Please send a $5.00 check drawn on a US bank to:

1601 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite #301
Washington, DC 20009 

For a free copy of a back issue of Give & Take, send a request to the
above address or write to <>.

Selected articles from each issue of Give & Take are available on
ISAR's Web site at <>. The Web site also includes
information on ISAR programs and an article archive with dozens of
stories from Give & Take and ISAR's previous journal, Surviving

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