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ASN Convention/Final Program Now on the Web

5th Annual Convention of the Association for the Study of
Nationalities (ASN)

"Identity and the State: Nationalism and Sovereignty in a Changing

Columbia University, 13-15 April 2000

The ASN Convention continues its impressive growth. The 5th Annual
Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN)
will feature the unprecedented number of 101 panels, almost twice the
size of the convention two years ago, spread over eleven sessions from
Thursday April 13, 1 PM, to Saturday April 15, in the evening. Close
to 500 people will be on panels. The final program is now available on
the ASN web site:

All post-Soviet areas will be covered in tremendous depth, with twelve
to fourteen panels each on the  Balkans, the Russian Federation,
Ukraine, Central Asia, and Central Europe, as well as six on the
Southern Caucasus, three on the Baltics, and almost two dozens on
thematic and cross-regional themes. Special events will include
roundtables on the recent work of Jack Snyder, Misha Glenny and Valery
Tishkov, the INCORE Tip O'Neill Annual Lecture, delivered by Fernand
de Varennes on minority rights, and several panels devoted to the
recent/ongoing wars in Kosovo and Chechnya.

Thematic panels at the convention will include:
War and Gender
What Is European Identity?
Why Do Conflicts Not Turn Violent?: Cases of Tatarstan, Ajaria, and
Factors Influencing the (Non-)Violent Nature of Ethnopolitical
Approaches to the Prevention of Ethnic Conflict
Systemic Change and the Transformation Process in Comparative
Jewish Minorities in the Post-Communist States
The European Union: Problems and Prospects of Enlargement
Self-Determination in the Age of Globalization
Self-Determination in the Twentieth Century: From Communism to
Language Laws: Nation-Building, Ethnic Containment, or Diversity
Hans Kohn Revisited: Civic and Ethnic States in Theory and Practice

The convention is unveiling a full section devoted to new
documentaries and feature films exploring ethnonational and identity
issues in the post-Communist world. No less than five films will be
devoted to Chechnya: THE MAKING OF A NEW EMPIRE (Netherlands 1999), a
documentary on a Chechen warlord; IMMORTAL FORTRESS (US, 1999),
featuring interviews with Shamil Basayev and Salman Raduyev; THE DARK
SIDE OF THE EARTH (Czech Republic, 1999), filmed last December in
Chechnya; along with CHECKPOINT (Russia 1999) and PURGATORY (Russia,
1998), two feature films set during the first Chechnya war. The Balkan
wars will also be featured prominently with the documentaries A CRY
FROM THE GRAVE (UK, 1999), on Srebrenica; THE VALLEY (UK, 1999), on
events in the Drenica Valley of Kosovo in Summer 1998; THE AVOIDABLE
WAR (USA, 1999), on misguided foreign intervention in the former
Yugoslavia; as well as a panel on The Yugoslav Wars on Film. Other 
films to be shown include TRADING STORIES (US, 1999), on Jewish
property and restitution in the Czech Republic; BLACK WORD (Slovakia,
1999), on a Roma settlement in Eastern Slovakia; and HERR ZWILLING UND
FRAU ZUCKERMANN (Austria, 1999), on an elderly couple from Chernivtsi
(Chernorwitz), in Ukraine. All screenings will be followed by
discussion with the audience.

The convention is consolidating its status as the World Annual Event
on Nationalities Studies. Over a hundred panelists will be travelling
from overseas for the event (plus an additional three dozens from
Canada). Almost forty percent of paper-givers are international
participants (and this does not include the large amount of non-US
born participants currently residing in the United States).

LOCATION. The convention will be taking place in the International
Affairs Building (IAB) of Columbia University, 420 W. 118th St. (metro
station: 116th St., on the Red Line). Registration will be on the 6th
Floor of IAB and the panels will be held on several floors.

REGISTRATION. Registration fees are $30 for ASN members, $50 for
non-members, and $15 for students. A registration form can be
downloaded from the ASN web site ( or requested
from our Convention Director Gordon Bardos (address below). People who
plan to attend the convention are strongly encouraged to pre-register,
since places are limited.

SCHEDULE. Registration will begin at 11 AM, Thursday April 13, on the
6th Floor of IAB. People who sent preregistered will need to pick up
their name tag and the convention program. On the Thursday, the panels
will run from 1 PM-7.30 PM. On Friday and Saturday, from 9 AM to 6.30
PM. The convention will end on the Saturday evening, April 15.

ACCOMMODATION. The convention does not have arrangements with a
particular hotel. A list of nearby hotels can be found on the ASN web

ASN MEMBERSHIP. People can now directly join a fast growing ASN on the
convention pre-registration form. In addition to getting a significant
discount at the ASN convention, ASN members receive annually four
issues of Nationalities Papers, the field's leading journal; six
issues of the Analysis of Current Events, containing up-to-the-minute
analyses of ongoing events; and two issues of ASNews, the
association's newsletter. An annual membership costs a remarkably low
$50 annually---$30 for students.

BONUS FOR ASN MEMBERS. ASN members have also the option of subscribing
to Europe-Asia Studies (formerly Soviet Studies), which publishes
eight issues a year, for $55, almost a hundred dollars less than the
regular subscription price. Convention panelists can take advantage of
this offer directly on the convention registration form.

BOOK EXHIBIT/SALE OF PAPERS. Publishers will exhibit their wares in
the exhibit room, located in the spacious Dag Hammarskjold Lounge on
the 6th floor, near the registration desk. The convention innovated
last year by selling convention papers for $1 apiece and the
experiment proved hugely successful. At least 20 copies of each paper
will go on sale in the book exhibit on Friday, April 14, at 11.15 AM.

We look forward to seeing you at the convention!

For information on panels:
Dominique Arel
ASN Convention Program Chair
Watson Institute
Brown University, Box 1831
130 Hope St.
Providence, RI 02912
401 863 9296 tel
401 863 2192 fax

For information on registration, exhibits and advertisements in the
convention program:
Gordon Bardos
ASN Convention Director
Harriman Institute
Columbia University
1216 IAB
420 W. 118th St.
New York, NY 10027
212.854.8487 tel
212.666.3481 fax

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