Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity Newsletter: Issue 20, March 2001 (excerpts)

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Subject: Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity Newsletter: Issue 20, March 2001 (excerpts)

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Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity
Newsletter: Issue 20, March 2001 (excerpts)

              Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity
     Newsletter of the Queen's Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy
                             No. 20, March 2001
1. Introduction
2. Upcoming Conferences
3. Recent Publications
4. New Journals and Call for Papers
5. Internet Resources
6. Related Research Programs
7. Summer Schools
The Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy at Queen's University is
organizing a multi-year research project on citizenship, democracy and
minority rights in multiethnic states, under the direction of Prof.
Will Kymlicka. As part of this project, the Forum distributes a
quarterly newsletter updating recent developments in the field, of
which this is the twentieth issue. We hope that it will be of interest
to anyone working in the field, whether in academia, public service,
or various non-governmental organizations.
If you know anyone who would like to be added to the mailing list for
this newsletter, or if you would like copies of the back-issues,
please contact us at For further
information about the research project, you can also reach us by fax
at 613-533-6545. Back-issues of the newsletter are posted on the Web
on Will Kymlicka's homepage:
The International Scientific Conference Minorities for Europe of
Tomorrow (ISCOMET) held their 3rd International Conference in Bled,
Slovenia on February 23-25, 2001.  The conference, held under the
auspices of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, was on
"Democracy, Human Rights and the Protection of Persons Belonging to
Ethnic and Religious Minorities in South-Eastern Europe".  For
information contact ISCOMET, Krekova 2, SI-2000 Maribor; e-mail: or
The Queen's Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy will be holding a
workshop on Language Rights at Queen's University, Kingston on March
30-31, 2001, organized by Will Kymlicka and Idil Boran. The workshop
will bring together political theorists and social scientists to
discuss the challenges of linguistic diversity for normative political
theory. Participants include Stephen May, John Edwards, David Laitin,
Pierre Coulombe, Jacob Levy, Alan Patten, Denise Reaume, Ruth Rubio
Marin, Francois Grin. For more information, contact Idil Boran,
Philosophy Dept., Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, K7L 3N6; fax:
613-533-6545; e-mail:
The Lipman-Miliband Trust for Socialist Education and Research is
sponsoring a conference on "Nationalism and the Left" to be held at
The University of Leeds (U.K.) on April 20-21, 2001. For programme and
other information contact John Schwarzmantel, POLIS, The University of
Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT; tel: (0113) 233 4396, e-mail: or Susannah Lane, tel: (0113) 230 2821,
The Center for Law and Philosophy at Columbia University will be
holding a conference on April 28-29, 2001, to discuss some of the
issues arising from the contemporary debate about multiculturalism
among political philosophers.  Attendance is by invitation only and
the topic of discussion will be a selection of papers to be included
in the upcoming volume Multiculturalism Revisited. For more
information contact Jeremy Waldron, Columbia University Law School,
Jerome L. Greene Hall, 435 West 116th Street, New York, NY 10027;
There will be a seminar on "Tolerance, Respect and Human Rights"
focusing on racism and discrimination in post totalitarian countries
in Europe and South Africa. The seminar will be held in Prague on May
27-21, 2001.  The seminar themes include prejudice and racism, forms
of discrimination, human rights and minorities, multicultural and
antiracist education. The working languages of the seminar will be
Czech and English.  For further information, contact Laura Laubeova,
Globea, Kettnerova 2052, 155 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic; e-mail: or visit:
The 33rd EUROFOR Conference will take place in Maratea (Potenza)
Basilicata, Italy from May 24-27, 2001.  The conference theme is "The
Integration of Refugees into the European Union". For more information
on the conference e-mail or visit the website:
The 21st-Century Trust is organizing a conference on "Human Rights as
Collective Rights: Benefits and Pitfalls", at Madingley Hall,
Cambridge UK, from 28 October to 4 November 2001. The conference is
being led by author and columnist Neal Ascherson. Like all Trust
conferences, the aim is to bring together younger people (under 40)
from a wide range of countries and professional backgrounds to
exchange ideas on important contemporary issues. For more information
about the conference, or the Trust, contact John Lotherington, 21st
Century Trust, 25 Museum Street, London WC1A 1JT UK; tel:
44-2073232099; e-mail: Or visit the Trust's
website at:
The Canadian Ethnic Studies' Sixteenth Biennial Conference will be on
"Ethnicizing the Nation" and will take place in Halifax, November 2-4,
2001.  For more information, contact Multicultural History Society of
Ontario, e-mail:
To keep our listing manageable, we are listing only books and journal
symposia, not individual journal articles. All prices in U.S. dollars,
unless otherwise noted.
Stephen Barbour and Cathie Carmichael (eds) Language and Nationalism
in Europe (Oxford University Press, 2001) $70.00.
Brian Barry, Culture and Equality: An Egalitarian Critique of
Multiculturalism (Harvard UP, 2001) $35.00.
Otto Bauer, The Question of Nationalities and Social Democracy [Volume
editor: Ephraim Nimni; translated by Joseph O'Donnell] (University of
Minnesota Press, 2000) $60.00. [This is the first full English
translation of Bauer's classic text].
Michael Bommes and Andrew Geddes (eds) Immigration and Welfare:
Challenging the Borders of the Welfare State (Routledge, 2001)
David Brown, Contemporary Nationalism: Civic, Ethnocultural and
Multicultural Politics (Routledge, 2000) $27.99.
Simon Caney and Peter Jones (eds), Human Rights and Global Diversity
(Frank Cass Publishers, 2001) $24.50.
Stephen Castles and Alastair Davidson (eds) Citizenship and Migration:
Globalization and the Politics of Belonging, (Routledge, 2000),
Grant H. Cornwell and Eve Walsch Stoddard (eds) Global
Multiculturalism: Comparative Perspectives on Ethnicity, Race, and
Nation (Rowman and Littlefield, 2000) $29.95.
Jane Cowan (ed) Macedonia: the Politics of Identity and Difference
(Pluto Press, 2000) $15.96.
Monique Deveaux, Cultural Pluralism and Dilemmas of Justice (Cornell
UP, 2001) $35.00.
Margit Feischmidt (ed) Bibliography on Ethnic Relations in Eastern
Europe (MMCP Publications, Budapest, 2001) (order by e-mail:
Nancy Foner, Ruben Rumbaut, and Steven J. Gold (eds) Immigration
Research for a New Century: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (Russell
Sage Foundation, 2000) $49.95.
Yash Ghai (ed) Autonomy and Ethnicity: Negotiating Competing Claims in
Multi-Ethnic States (Cambridge University Press, 2001) $64.95.
Tedd Gurr, Peoples versus States: Minorities at Risk in the New
Century (United States Institute of Peace, 2000) $29.95.
A. Hagendoorn, G. Csepeli, H. Dekker (eds) European Nations and
Nationalism: Theoretical and Historical Perspectives (Ashgate 2000)
Dieter Haselbach (ed) Multiculturalism in a World of Leaking
Boundaries (Lit Verlag 1999), $32.95.

Will Kymlicka, Politics in the Vernacular: Nationalism,
Multiculturalism and Citizenship (Oxford University Press, 2001)
Gisele Legault (ed) L'intervention interculturelle (Gaeten Morin
Editeur), Cdn $39.00.
Jocelyn Maclure, Recits identitaires. Le Quebec a L'epreuve du
pluralisme (Quebec-Amerique, 2000) Cdn $21.00.
Marie McAndrew & France Gagnon (ed) Relations ethniques et education
dans les societes divisees (Quebec, Irelande du Nord, Catalogne et
Belgique) (L'Harmattan, 2000).
Vincent P. Pecora (ed) Nations and Identities: Classic Readings
(Blackwell, 2001) $29.95.

Christopher Shannon, A World Made Safe for Differences (Rowman and
Littlefield, 2000) $29.95.

Luan-Vu N. Tran, Human Rights and Federalism: A Comparative Study on
Freedom, Democracy and Cultural Diversity (Kluwer Law International,
2000) $105.00.
Journal Symposia and Special Issues
The journal Patterns of Prejudice has a special issue on "New
perspectives on Multiculturalism and Citizenship" (vol. 35, no. 1,
January 2001).  The edition is guest edited by John Solomos and Liza
Schuster.  Contributors include Clive Harris, Adrian Favell, Marco
Martiniello, Gaia Danese, and Stephen Castles.  More information can
be found at the website:
The Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence published a special
issue on "Secession" (Vol. 13, no. 2, July 2000), guest edited by
Michael Milde. The contributors include Sujit Chouldhry and Robert
Howse, Nathalie Des Rosiers, Chaim Gans, Will Kymlicka, Margaret
Moore, Daniel M. Weinstock.
The Global Review of Ethnopolitics is a new peer-reviewed on-line
journal edited by Stefan Wolff (University of Bath), Karl Cordell
(University of Plymouth), and Maya Chadda (William Paterson
University).  The major focus will be the analysis, management,
settlement, and prevention of ethnic conflicts, on minority rights,
group identity, the intersection of identity group formations and
politics, on minority and majority nationalisms in the context of
democratisation, and on the security and stability of states and
regions as they are affected by any of the above issues.  The journal
is to be launched in September 2001. The submission of original papers
(6000-8000 words), research notes (2000-4000 words) and book reviews
(800-1000 words) are invited. E-mail papers with a 100-200 word
abstract as attachments in MS word to Stefan Wolff, e-mail:
There will a special issue on "Racism and Refugee Policy" in Refuge,
guest edited by Dr. Rudhramoorthy Cheran. The publication of this
issue will coincide with the UN World Conference Against Racism, to be
held in South Africa in September 2001.  Refuge invites contributions
for the special issue.  The themes include comparative international
perspectives on racism and refugee policy, the intersection of racism
and sexism and NGO experience in reducing racism in refugee policy. 
Also are welcome related country specific articles.  The deadline for
submissions is June 15, 2001. For more information, and for guidelines
for contributors, contact R. Cheran, Research Associate, Centre for
Refugee Studies, York Lanes, Suite 322, York University, 4700 Keele
Street, North York, Ontario M3J 1P3; e-mail: or
Sharryn J. Aiken, Editor-in-Chief, Centre for Refugee Studies; e-mail:
The European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano is in the process of developing
an extensive electronic resource, "Minority Rights Information System"
(MIRIS).  The resource will include legal texts on minorities,
international treaties (Council of Europe, OSCE, UN, etc.) and
national legislation and case-law.  This is the first time a database
will include all European countries and related topics focusing on the
legal status of minorities.  The information system will be in
development during the next three years. For information contact
GŁnther Rautz, e-mail: GŁ or Eva Maria Haberland,
An international working group, working under the sponsorship of the
Liberal Institute of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Germany), has
developed a document on "The Rights of Minorities: A Declaration of
Liberal Democratic Principles Concerning Ethnocultural and National
Minorities and Indigenous Peoples". The Declaration, which was
developed between 1998 and 2000, was debated, amended and adopted at
the Second Minorities Conference of the Naumann Foundation in Berlin
in September 2000, which brought together representatives of 38
minorities from 26 countries. The Declaration is posted in English on
the Foundation's website at:
The Declaration has also been published in a quadrilingual leaflet
(English, Spanish, German and Russian), and is available
electronically in these languages plus Ukrainian, Turkish, Bulgarian,
with forthcoming translations into French and Croatian. For more
information, or to order printed or electronic copies of the
Declaration, please contact the Liberal Institute, Freidrich Naumann
Stiftung, Postfach 90 01 64, D-14437 Potsdam, Germany. E-mail:
A summer school on "The Minority Course 2001 for Young Europeans
Active in NGOs" will be held between July 22 and August 11, 2001 at
Hojskolen Ostersoen in Denmark.  The summer school is organized by
Hojskolen OstersÝen, a Folk High School located in the Danish-German
border region with Danish, German and Frisian minorities. Young
Europeans between the ages of 18 and 25, either active in an NGO or
interested in minority and European issues, are invited.  The aim of
the course is to make a catalogue of European ideas and impressions,
which is to be distributed to European NGOs after the course.  The
deadline for submissions is March 12 for East and Central European
applicants and April 9 for West European applicants.  For more
information, contact Jasper Nielsen, Project Coordinator, Minority
Course, Hoskolen Ostersoen, Flensborgvej 48, DK-6200 Aabenraa;
telephone: +45 74 62 47 00; fax: +45 74 62 47 01; e-mail: or visit the project's website:
The International Institute for the Sociology of Law (IISL) is holding
its annual summer course between July 9 and 13, 2001, coordinated by
Drs. Manuel Calvo and William Felstiner.  The subject of the course is
"Cultural Identities and Human Rights" and will be held at the
International Institute for the Sociology of Law at Onati, Spain.  For
more information contact Malen Gordoa Mendizabal, IISL (Meetings),
Apdo. 28, 20560 ONATI, Gipuzkoa - Spain, Fax: (34) 943 783 147 / 943
718 000, e-mail:
A summer course in International Minority Rights Law in Ireland will
be held at the Irish Centre for Human rights, National University of
Ireland, Galway, Ireland, between June 23 and 30, 2001. For
information contact Prof. Joshua Castellino, Irish Centre for Human
Rights, National University of Ireland, Galway, Republic of Ireland;
Tel: +353 91 512 193; Fax: +353 91 750 575; e-mail: More information, application forms,
and a preliminary programme are available at the website:
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  If you would like to announce a new research project,
publication, call for papers, or upcoming conference in a future issue
of this newsletter, please contact us at,
or you can write to the Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy,
Department of Philosophy, Queen's University, Watson Hall 313,
Kingston Ontario K7L 3N6, Canada. Fax: 613-533-6545.
The Forum gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Social
Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada in funding this
newsletter. Special thanks to Idil Boran for research help, and to
Lise Charlebois for help with the distribution of the newsletter.

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