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Fwd: Roma Threatened in Macedonia

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"Ustiben" postponed
Incursions by rebel Albanians into Macedonia have brought the Roma
community to crisis point. Fighting has taken place close to Kumanovo
and the Romani township of Suto Orizari.

Plans for a major demonstration in Skopje on Roma Nation Day (8 April)
have been abandoned. It was felt that even a pro-goverment rally was a
risk, as it might have provoked Albanian attacks on Roma in mixed
villages - such as continue to occur in Kosovo.

However, while in other centres Roma Nation Day will be marked by
cultural events. a street demonstration is likely to go ahead in
Kumanovo and possibly in Stip.

Some 200 people have already been forced to flee from the mixed
village of Gosnice, near Kumanovo. The town itself straddles the main
motor way to central Europe. The organizers of the Kumanovo "Ustiben"
and human rights activists in Stip are asking for those abroad taking
part in the 8 April "March of 100,000" to help draw attention to the
Macedonian crisis.

Meanwhile, young Roma are among reservists being called up by the
Macedonian army, which went into action against the rebels for the
first time this week.
Grattan Puxon
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