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Subject: Fwd: Roma Radio Programme: search fro contributors

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Fwd: Roma Radio Programme: search fro contributors

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From: Fiona Steinert <fionas@amarc.org>
Dear friends,
About the rvsf broadcast: for the international part of the broadcast
which will be put together in Johannesburg there are plans for a
programme about the situation of the Roma people all over the world.
We are now looking for someone from Europe to participate
in/contribute to this programme.

What the international team is planning is some kind of live
discussion with participants from the different regions. Could you
name someone to take part in this discussion? And if there are any
short pre-recorded programmes this could be useful as well.
Here is a short outline of what the programme could be about:
The Roma in the world: A case of discrimination that defies time and
Live panel discussion linking Roma representatives in Europe, North
America, Asia, Latin America and Africa.
Who are the Roma ?
What is there history ?
What are some lessons that can be learned from their history ?
What does their plight represent ?
What does it mean to be a Roma in the 21st century ?
What are some of the challenges facing the community ?
What are the old and new forms of discrimination they face
Group profiling to assess their "suitability to immigrate to other
Thanks for your help !
Mrs. Fiona Steinert
AMARC-Europe - Women's network co-ordinator
E-mail: <fionas@amarc.org>
15, Paternoster Row, Sheffield S1 2BX, UK
Tel. +44 114 221 05 92 / Fax. +44 114 279 89 76

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