"Dialog", South Kazakhstan: Say "no" nationalism in CIS

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Subject: "Dialog", South Kazakhstan: Say "no" nationalism in CIS

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"Dialog", South Kazakhstan: Say "no" nationalism in CIS

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Say "NO" to nationalism and racism in CIS

Dear friends,

NGO UNITED for Intercultural Action, European network against
nationalism, racism, fascism and support of migrants and refugees,
addressed PB 413, NL-1000 AK Amsterdam phone +31-20-6834778, fax
united@united.non-profit.nl, http://www.united.non-profit.nl, recalls
all those who wish to join the European wide action "The week against
racism", which will take place from 17-th to 25-th of March of 2001.
The action in question will contain the most various measures:
demonstrations, music festivals, exhibitions, and TV programs.

In Shymkent city, South Kazakstan in this period NGO "Dialog" supposes
to hold the number of announcements and TV programs, to invite those
who wish to sign in "on-line" mode under the appeal with the calling
to more active fighting against all forms of racism and nationalism,
including ethnocracy, which is wide spreaded on the CIS spaciousness
and prevent from establishment as the multicultural societies in the
post soviet states, so the consolidation of total civil identity to
the world governments. We are going to propose the possibility of
taking part in organization of these measures to the citizens of our
city; so the changes in the scenario will be possible.

We call up all those who wish to join this action and send us the
messages about your activity in frame of this action. We shall
translate your messages into English and send them to organizers.
According to results, the creation of special bulletin of this action
on the CIS territory in Russian and English is planning.

Igor Savin, 
NGO "Dialog"

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