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Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2001 08:22:43 +0200 (EET)
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Subject: New on MINELRES website

From: MINELRES moderator <>

New on MINELRES website

Dear MINELRES list members, 

For several months we haven't informed you about the new materials and
links on the MINELRES website. Please, find enclosed the list of some
recent additions to the site. We'll try to update you on new materials
more regularly in future.


Council of Europe Directorate General of Human Rights: This website
provides general information about the work of the Directorate General
of Human Rights on the protection of national minorities

Framework Convention: Chart of signatures and ratifications
Framework Convention: Declarations and reservations

State reports on implementation of the Framework Convention for the
Protection of National Minorities: 



New MINELRES country pages: 



Databases, resources: 

Internet presentation "Minorities in Europe" - a part of the project
"Cultures, Languages, Minorities: The Danish-German Border Region – An
Example of Conflict Resolution"

in particular, files on:

Russians in Estonia

Russians in Finland

Hungarians in Romania

Hungarians in Ukraine

Roma in Finland

Roma in Sweden
Roma in Austria

Roma in Kosovo

MERCATOR Linguistic Law and Legislation 
has as a main goal to make up a data base holding the whole legal
and/or normative documents that build up the European linguistic
frame, specially from the European Union institutions and languages.

European minority (or minoritized) languages

Eurolang - an information service which aims to cover issues related
to language diversity within the EU

Editorial Site for the Encyclopedia of the World's Minorities

TATAR.NET - Crimean Tatar Internet Resources

Roma in the Czech Republic

Nation Planet - a link site on nationalism

Global IDP Database, Global IDP Project of the Norwegian Refugee


European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia

South-Tyrolean Institute of Ethnic Groups

Minority Groups Research Centre, Greece

Centre for New Ethnicities Research, University of East London

Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center, Romania

Resource Center for National Minorities, Baku, Azerbaijan

Society for Humanitarian Researches, Baku, Azerbaijan

ISAR: Azerbaijan NGO Support Center
(contains NGO directory: )

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

INTERRIGHTS - International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human
(pay attention to its international human rights law reports database
at ) 

Citizens' Watch, St Petersburg (Russian HR NGO)

Albanian Committee for Human Rights

Belgrade Centre for Human Rights

Franciscans and Dominicans for Human Rights

Swiss Refugee Council (in German and French)

The Caucasian Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (CIPDD)

Independent Society "Human Rights in Georgia"

Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Poland

Foundation for Education for Democracy, Poland

Lithuanian NGO database

Information Centre of Finno-Ugric Peoples

Kurdish Human Rights Project

Uyghur Human Rights Coalition Homepage

Aromanians in the Balkans

ELTE-UNESCO Minority Studies Masters Degree Program

MANY COLOURS - Educational Strategies for Teaching Migrants Host
Language and Culture Integration
a partnership between educational institutions from Verona (Italy),
Leeds/Halifax (England) and Karmůy (Norway)

Institute for Intercultural and International Studies, University of

Specialist Group on Ethnic Politics, the Political Studies Association
of the United Kingdom

Solomon Asch Center for Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict, University
of Pennsylvania

Interesting governmental links


Parliamentary Commissioner for the National and Ethnic Minorities

Governmental Office for National and Ethnic Minorities


Department of Affairs of National Minorities

Naturalization Board

Citizenship and Migration Board


Minister on Ethnic Affairs Katrin Saks

Citizenship and Migration Board


Ministry of Education, Dept of National Minorities

The People's Advocate Institution (the Romanian Ombudsman)


Government's Office for Religious Communities


Human Rights Watch World Report 2001

just to remind: Human Rights Watch World Report 2000

Amnesty International Annual Report 2000 (Regional Index Europe)

Electronic journals and lists: 

Central Europe Review

AB IMPERIO - Theory and History of Nationalities and Nationalism in
the Post-Soviet Realm

RUS-NAT - a trilingual (French-English-Russian) cross-disciplinary
list devoted to the discussion of all aspects of Russian nationalism,
the Russian national consciousness and similar topics

National-liberation list: Issues on occupied, non-self-governing,
oppressed and unrecognized nations, national liberation movements,
unrecognized governments and administrations, promotion of relations
and co-operation among them

Interesting publications: 

Proposals of the ECMI Seminar "Towards Effective Participation of
Minorities". Flensburg, Germany, 2 May 1999

Ethnic Minorities and Long-Term Implications of EU Enlargement, by
Andre Liebich

Minority Rights and EU Enlargement to the East. Report of the First
Meeting of the Reflection Group on the Long-Term Implications of EU
Enlargement: the Nature of the New Border. Chairman: Giuliano AMATO
Rapporteur: Judy BATT

A Rough Orientation Through a Delicate Relationship: The European
Union's Endeavours for (its) Minorities, by Gabriel Toggenburg

All Ethnic Problems Solved <in Bulgaria>? By Matilda
Nahabedian, Central European Review, Vol 2, No 41, 27 November 2000

Minority Self-Government in Hungary: Legislation and Practice, by
Niamh Walsh. ECMI Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in
Europe, 2000

Poland: A Complicated Coexistence. Polish-Jewish relations through the
centuries. By Joanna Rohozinska. Central Europe Review, Vol.2, No 43,

Jewish Life in Hungary, Part One. By Gusztav Kosztolanyi. Central
Europe Review, Vol.2, No 43, 2000

The Deportation and Fate of the Crimean Tatars, by J. Otto Pohl. Paper
presented at the 5th Annual World Convention of the ASN, 13-15 April
2000, New York

Other useful sites:

European Governments on the WWW

Political Resources on the Net (Listings of political sites available
on the Internet sorted by country, with links to Parties,
Organizations, Governments, Media and more from all around the world)

Union of International Associations

NGONet: information to, for and about NGOs active in Central and
Eastern Europe

MINELRES - a forum for discussion on minorities in Central&Eastern

List archive: