Forced Migration Monitor - January 1998

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Forced Migration Monitor - January 1998

The January 1998 issue of the Forced Migration Monitor contains the
following chapters:

A Russian Official's Analysis of Forced Migration: A Personal Reflection
(by Kim Tsagolov, Deputy Minister in Russia's Ministry of Nationality
Affairs and Federal Relations)

When the former Soviet Union collapsed suddenly and unexpectedly in
1991, the successor states, including the Russian Federation, found
themselves challenged by the tremendous responsibilities of statehood.
Among such responsibilities was the obligation to offer assistance to
and uphold the rights of refugees and displaced persons, who numbered
in the millions as a result of interethnic strife and economic
upheaval, stemming from the Soviet disintegration...
 Returnees in Tajikistan Face Difficulties
(by Kathleen Hunt)

A shaft of winter sunlight catches the brilliant hues of the
traditional Tajik dress worn by Pocho Murdova, as she slowly rebuilds
her life after the civil war that officially ended last June 27...

Property Rights to Be Discussed in Zagreb

Experts, including jurists, representatives of international
organizations, NGOs, and government officials will convene February
27-28, 1998, in Zagreb, Croatia, for consultations on property rights
in post-conflict situations...

Effort to Improve NGO Legislation in the Former Soviet Union

The Forced Migration Projects (FMP) in 1998 will help spearhead an
effort to improve the legislative framework for nongovernmental
organizations (NGOs) in the former Soviet Union. Other partners in the
effort are UNHCR, Council of Europe, and the International Center  on
Not-for-Profit Law...

FMP publishes special report on North Caucasus NGOs

The North Caucasus region of Russia continues to present one of the
world's most dangerous operating environments for international
nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) working to ease the suffering of
refugees and displaced persons. Violence, including the two-year
conflict in Chechnya, has left the local population traumatized.
Recent experience has fostered an intense distrust of outsiders among
local populations. Meanwhile, with the economic infrastructure still
in ruins, kidnapping for ransom has developed into a method of income
generation. Reducing the risks for international NGOs is a principle
aim of a new Forced Migration Projects special report, "Coping With
Conflict: A Guide to the Work of Local NGOs in the North Caucasus."...
... The report is available free of charge from FMP. Those interested in
obtaining a copy can contact FMP information officer Allison Mindel
either by fax at (212) 548-4676, or by e-mail at <>.

The Forced Migration Monitor is published bimonthly by the Forced
Migration Projects of the Open Society Institute-New York.

Moderator adds: The full text of the FM Monitor (two parts, appr. 21 and
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please, indicate encoding/compression preferred. Of course, the text
can be requested also from the FMP directly.


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