Conference in Crimea

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Subject: Conference in Crimea

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Conference in Crimea

Crimean Laboratory of  Regional Researches

333011  Samokish St.30,
Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine
Tel.: (380-0652) 29-72-65
Tel/fax:   (380-0652) 25-35-88

Dear Friends,

This letter is to call your attention to the International Conference
"Religion and Politics: Interconfessional Cooperation and Political
Technologies in the Age of Post-Communism" to be held on
September 28th - October 4th, 1998 in Yalta, Crimea (Ukraine).

In view of your active interest in this field, we would be pleased to have
you as a participant in this conference. You will find some more
information about the proposed conference in the enclosed announcement.
If you know of anyone else who has a significant contribution to make to
this conference please forward the information to that person.

We would very much like to hope that you are interested and will be able
to attend our conference.

Yours sincerely,

Sergey Shurinov

International Conference
"Religion and Politics: Interconfessional Communications
and Political Technologies in the Age of Post-communism"

September, 28 - October, 4, 1998
Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine

Crimean Laboratory of Regional Researches
Crimean Branch of Ukrainian Society of Conflictologists

The conference is supposed to generalize the experience in the quest
of religious orientation of the modern political activities with regard to
the ethnic and confessional diversity of the society.

Practical task of the conference is connected with the aspiration to
unite specialists of various spheres, auctioneers of politics and culture
and representatives of different confessions. The joint effort of the
participants should help to work out a plan of interdisciplinary
research in the field named above, to improve the level of teaching of
humanities, as well as to account for the quest of the ways of
reaching social stability.

That conference is planned to become the first step in the series of
international conferences with the same title "Power. Politics. Religion",
which should result in the conceptions of the development of the main
fields in foreign and home politics in the sphere of interconfessional

The main scientific issues of the conference:

- interconfessional cooperation and its role in strengthening the
mutual trust between nations;
- ethnoconfessional conflicts: reasons, genesis and mechanisms
of regulation;
- foreign politics strategy: religious orientation and geopolitical reality;
- philosophic and political aspects of the interconfessional cooperation;
- perspectives of law-creation and conception of spiritual citizenship;
- mass media and religious life: social responsibility, real possibilities
and perspectives of the interconfessional cooperation;
- international environmental cooperation: the moral orientation of the
coming millennium;
- religion and social policy in the tasks of the social service.

Official languages of the conference - Russian, Ukrainian and English.

The participants will be offered excursions to the most famous
historical places of Crimea: Sevastopol, the city where the main base
of the Black Sea Fleet is located, Livadia Palace ( the place of the
"Big Triumvirate" - Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill - Summit in 1945),
Vorontsov Palace in Alupka, Alexander III Palace in Massandra.

Registration fee will make 150 USD, accomodation  costs 40 - 100
USD (according to the class of a hotel). Registration fee must be paid
upon arrival.

To participate in the conference you should send the filled registration
form and a typed 1-page summary of your paper (2 copies) before May,
15, 1998 to the science chair  of the seminar - Dr. Tatiana Senyushkina.

Crimean Laboratory of Regional Researches
("Crim Labri"),  Simferopol, Samokisha st., 30,  333011
Crimea, Ukraine
Tel.:  (380-652) 297-295, 253-588,
Fax:   (380-652) 253-588


Of the participant of the International Conference
"Religion and Politics. Interconfessional Communications and
Political Technologies in the Age of Post-communism"
September, 28 - October, 4, 1998
Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine

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