Call for papers: Migration History

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Subject: Call for papers: Migration History

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Call for papers: Migration History

Call for Papers
Assimilation - Diasporization - Representation: Historical
Perspectives on Immigrants and Host Societies in Postwar Europe
Second Workshop on Contemporary Migration History
Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin
October 27-29, 2000
Migration has become one of the key social phenomena reshaping Europe
since 1945. The 'relocation' of populations as a consequence of World
War II was followed by political East-West migration, refugee
movements, ethnic migration, migration as a consequence of
decolonization and not least labor migration. These different streams
of migration have contributed considerably to changing national
populations as well as national and European discourses and
perceptions about immigration, citizenship, and minority existence.
The workshop "Assimilation - Diasporization - Representation:
Historical Perspectives on Immigrants and Host Societies in Postwar
Europe" will address questions of immigration in and to Europe in an
historical and comparative perspective (1945 to the present) with an
emphasis on MIGRATION HISTORY. The main focus will be put on immigrant
incorporation and immigrant representation in receiving countries with
particular focus on:
- historical migration patterns and migration systems
- inclusion and exclusion of immigrants
- interethnic relations in the context of immigration societies
- ethnic politics and ethno-nationalism
- "homeland" politics
- (changes and continuities of) minority rights and minority
representation over time
Abstracts for papers (max. of 500 words) on various aspects of
assimilation, diasporization and representation of immigrants' and
minorities' interests will be considered on a competitive basis. The
number of participants will be limited to 25. Advanced Ph.D.
candidates and postdocs are particularly invited to turn in
applications. Accommodation can be provided at the guesthouse of
Humboldt University (ca. $30-35 per night) or at a hotel ($ 70 to 90
per night). Financial support for the participants to cover or
subsidize travel and accommodation expenses depends on successful
applications for funding which are currently under consideration at
various organizations.
Submissions of abstracts and a short biographical note including a
list of publications are welcomed until May 15, 2000. Papers are
supposed to be circulated in advance and should be received by
September 25, 2000. Publication of the papers in an edited volume is
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