State & NGO reports on FCNM available online

From: MINELRES moderator <>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 10:48:04 +0200 (EET)
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Subject: State & NGO reports on FCNM available online

From: MINELRES moderator <>

State & NGO reports on FCNM available online

Dear MINELRES list members, 

This is to inform you that several more reports submitted by state
parties pursuant to Article 25 para.1 of the Framework Convention for
the Protection of National Minorities are available online at the
MINELRES web site, in particular reports by Ukraine
( and Estonia

The report of Hungary is placed on official Hungarian governmental web
site (, there is also link to it
from the corresponding MINELRES page

Besides, I would like to draw your attention to alternative reports
prepared by NGOs available at the same web page ( i.e. Most of them were
available also before at the CEDIME page
( in
.PDF, and we would like to thank CEDIME for their kind permission to
use these texts. At the MINELRES these reports are in .HTML, so, you
can choose the format which is more convenient to you. 

Finally, I would like to recommend alternative NGO report on Ukraine
prepared by the Foundation for Research and Support of the Indigenous
Peoples of Crimea
(, as
well as appendix to this report
These documents contain a lot of interesting data, as well as very
detailed information about the current situation of Crimean Tatars.   


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