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Re: Makhuldyur project in Crimea

Dear Friends,

I follow the discussion about Makhuldyur project in Crimea and am
personally acquainted with this theme, because simply I am a Crimean
Tatar and live in Bakhchisaray and have worked closely with Crimean
Tatar NGOs.

Firstly I want to underline importance of such a project for Crimean
Tatar community, and for all Crimea and vitality of such projects for
preserving cultural heritage of Eastern European nations. As you
maybe know Crimean Tatars were deported in 1944 under Soviet regime
mainly to Siberia and Middle Asia. For example I was born in
Uzbekistan. Under totalitarian regime any attempts to preserve their
national identity and cultural traditions were severely punished,
including persecution of our leaders. It was true not only in respect of
architecture heritage but also national customs, language, education
etc. For example, for my shame, I speak Russian and Polish
(and in some themes English) much better than my native language -
Crimean Tatar.

The situation of Crimean Tatar culture needs extremely huge and
urgent efforts not only from the Crimean Tatar community (they are
in a difficult economic situation connected with the mass repatriation
to Crimea without any governmental aid),  but all open-minded people
in all countires who understand the importance of such programs for
all people.

Secondly, I would like to stress what Mr. Jaworski has written.
Indeed, in my opinion, Crimean Tatar community has vivid and patriotic
people, who really want to make better the situation of the Crimean
Tatars. I have heard much about Renart Saranayev and met him
personally and I think that such hard-working and dedicated people like
he and his colleagues really can conduct this programme.

And, thirdly, about the project. Makhuldyur is really glamorouse
place. And prospects about tourism are undoubtfully real and very
practically possible.

And once again I would like to stress that such programmes are
extremely vital for Crimean society and that future of the Crimean
Tatars depends on realisation of such programs.

Sincerely Yours,

Kurtmolla Abdulganijew

P.S. If you have any questions about Crimean Tatars, please feel
free to send me a letter.

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