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Februar 17, 1998

INVITATION TO A EURO-CONFERENCE -16 to 19 April 1998 in Majorca/Spain

The European Research Forum on Migration and Ethnic Relations invites
you to attend the next EURO-CONFERENCE. Please keep the dates of
the subsequent conferences in mind as well. Apply personally and
encourage your colleagues to apply as well, and please display our

We can obtain grants for established scholars only in exceptional
cases, but grants are available for young researchers. The age limit
for grants is 35. Citizens of any EU country can apply. The application
should include personal data and a CV, a list of scholarly publications,
the subject of the paper to be delivered at the Conference, and data on
professors and lecturers under whom the applicant has studied or
worked. Send the completed form to the Berlin Institute.

Details concerning the Conference subject-matter

In the context of EUROFOR cooperation, a scientific conference will
take place in Majorca from 16 April to 19 April 1998 on the subject of
"Elderly Immigrants and the European Welfare States".  In addition to
the keynote speakers and other colleagues, young researchers are
expected to report on their scholarly activities.

The Conference is to discuss a topic that has only been given
scholarly and political attention in the last few years: the situation of
elderly immigrants in Europe. After 40 years of continuous migration to
Western Europe, the difficulties in catering for and integrating elderly
immigrants are growing in the European Union.

Neither government social security structures nor institutions have
taken the elderly migrants into consideration as a group up to now.
It is in the Anglo-Saxon countries that research on the subject is most
advanced. Further study of the situation of elderly immigrants and of
their integration in the system of retirement pensions is needed, and
in the process the European social security systems must be
discussed as well.

This Conference is to be the starting-point for a comparative
Europe-wide project dealing with the situation of elderly immigrants.

Future Conferences of the European research forum on migration
and ethnic relations (EUROFOR)

Refugees of Former Yogoslavia in the European Union
Austria / Vienna, 07.05.98-10.05.98

Small Migration Systems in Europe
Portugal / Lisbon, 18.06.98-21.06.98

Urban Quarters, the Shadow Economy and Stages of Immigration
Denmark / Sonderbjerg, 02.07.98-05.07.98

The Role of Religion, especially Islam, in the Social Marginalization
of Ethnic Minorities
England / London, 24.09.98-27.09.98

Immigration Policies in the European Union: The Year 2000
Germany / Berlin, 15.10.98-18.10.98

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