Request for assistance to new minority NGO

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 11:46:37 -0800
From: MINELRES moderator <>
Subject: Request for assistance to new minority NGO

From: MINELRES moderator    <>

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Request for assistance to new minority NGO

Dear Sirs/Medames,

As I was informed, the Azerbaijan Center "Bulag" in Kuzbass has
been registered locally and open its e-mail account:

It is led by Mehman Umud oglu Iskanderov and co-chaired by Yuri
Eduardovich Oleynikov.

As I understood, one of the program goals is just the protection
of human rights of local Azeris. In particular, they plan to open
in 1998-1999 the "Dept. of Legal Assistance" to the Azeris
suffering from the discriminatory policy of local officials;
"Dept. of Rehabilitation of Refugees" as well as the Sunday
school, library, etc.

I'm concerned that the plans are mentioned just in this order,
and the violation of human rights is probably the main problem
of local Azeris.

I would like to ask you, especially Russian colleagues, to help
the new organization by the books on the Russian legislation and
minority rights as well as the useful contacts in Moscow and

The address:
ANKTs "Bulag"
c/o NTO "Unikom"
6 Krasnaya Street
Kemerovo 650043, Russia
Phone +7-3842-235787
Fax   +7-3842-233937

Thanks in advance.

Eldar Zeynalov.

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