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Fwd: Kosovo: Justice not being done

* News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty
International *
News Service 023/00
AI INDEX: EUR 70/07/00
4 February 2000
Kosovo: Justice not being done
Delays in establishing a functioning, multi-ethnic, independent and
impartial judicial system in Kosovo have led to a situation where
human rights abuses, particularly against members of minority
communities are committed with virtual impunity, Amnesty International
wrote in a letter to the United Nations (UN) in Kosovo.
The organization is concerned there is a growing perception in
Kosovo's communities that justice is not being done in some courtrooms
where judicial decisions appear to be made with political, rather than
legal considerations in mind. Members of the judiciary have been
subjected to threats, intimidation and even violent attacks. And
delays in the establishment of a functioning judiciary have led to
extended periods of pre-trial detention.
Amnesty International welcomed the recent appointment by the UN
Mission in Kosovo of new judges and lay judges as an important step
towards the re-establishment of a functioning judicial system, but
pointed out this is not enough to correct the current judicial
In a report released today which accompanied the letter, Amnesty
International urged the UN to bring the judicial system and all
applicable laws, including UN-created laws, into line with
international human rights standards, place international judges and
prosecutors in Kosovo's five district courts and appeals structures,
and provide legal professionals with training in international human
rights and humanitarian law.

Amnesty International, International Secretariat, 
1 Easton Street,
WC1X 8DJ, London, United Kingdom

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